GameStop Executives Sell Millions of Dollars in Shares (Translated into GameStop Currency)

Twinfinite writes, "Four of the video game retailer's core leadership team got rid of nearly 200,000 shares in the company on September 19th, totalling upwards of 8 Million Dollars. As a reference, the relative values of these shares has been converted into Gamestop Trade-In currency."

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CerealKiller1506d ago

They were automatic sells nothing out of the ordinary.

CarlosX3601506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

How is this automatic? You buy shares, you have to write a check, or pay cash, end of story. Unless you set up a transfer to bank accounts or in this case "accounts" (gift cards).

Even then, even if the person(s) set it up to transfer to gift cards or... currency. It's a dumb move. You devalue your cash. So, now it's pretty much "gone."

EDIT: Reading below - I forgot all about store credit. But what would they buy with all of this millions - of - store credit?

CloudRap1506d ago

Gamestop better enjoy this gen thanks to Sony, because we all know Next gen will be full digital.

nucky641506d ago

unless much better internet access is developed, next gen will not be all digital.

CloudRap1506d ago

Im not refering to streaming I mean there won't be disk drives, they're archaic. If you don't have money for internet access then you're last priority should be getting a $400-$500 console. Just saying.

darthv721506d ago

it is a fair assesment that why would anyone purchase an internet capable device with a lack of internet to support it.

those consumers are not what these devices are geared towards. I'm sorry to say this but...companies like sony cant keep catering to the lowest denominator forever.

there comes a time to drop support for those who are outside the target demographic.

Guwapo771506d ago

My internet connection is more than capable of going fully digital. But I refuse to download digitally because I want the actual copy that I can load up and play whenever I want to. I've been gaming for over 30 years...imagine how many games I couldn't play if I digitally downloaded them.

Please don't go there with the back you game up business either. How many HDD have failed in my years...

voodoochild3461506d ago


This is what short sighted people like yourself fail to realize. It's not the speed that will limit an all digital console, it's data caps. As long as the vast majority of the western world has to monitor their downloads, a company will have to be stupid to go all digital. With the advent of netflix and cable cord cutting the amount of monthly data available to average person becomes even more precious.

There are people in Canada who have to deal with less than 100 gbs a month and you expect them to give up physical discs? Good luck with that. We're not even at 4k yet. Take a wild guess at what's going to happen to the sizes of games then...

smellslikeralph1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


that will suck for someone like myself if they get rid of disc drives because i use my ps3 and now PS4 as a bluray player and I sit at over 850 blurays.

and on top of it its been a proven fact that going all digital will suck especially with people like lizard who love to DDOS crap and take stuff offline all the time.

that means if they DDOS sony or MS constantly and take servers down your games are useless

rainslacker1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

To date, it seems people that are into digital can't fathom that both physical and digital can coexist happily. It's like they believe that only digital will ever be the future. It's weird because people who like physical don't seem to care if people prefer digital, but people who prefer digital seem to take some kind of personal offense that people may think differently...generally speaking of course.

More on topic, regardless of internet availability(which won't be that much better in 5-7 years), I don't see consumer trends changing so much in that same time to make people forget the hate that came from MS all digital ideals. I would wager that all three manufactuers are taking note, and if MS doesn't do well, what happened will always make these companies think twice about an all digital future.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1506d ago

More than half of my games this Gen have been digital downloads

nucky641506d ago

good for you. I'm not saying that digital is bad......but many people don't have access to internet speeds that would make digital practical.

StrawberryDiesel4201505d ago

Not one of mine has, all physical here. I can resell them if I want unlike yourself.

Macdaddy711506d ago

Funny u say that, everyone flamed MS for wanting to do it this gen, n what happen?? Sony pushing online only this gen way more then MS is and No one flaming Sony for it they are falling right in Sony trap!!!!
Once we let them go online only they control us then!!!! No more use games, nothing cheap for us gamers....think bout bout it

BlackTar1871506d ago

Having Online only games and pushing for it to be the standard are different.

ricochetmg1506d ago

We have been predicting that since the ps3 days and I still think they will stay relevant and not all people like digital games.If anything it will be like what Ms originally suggested with the xbox one.

KnownAsEpic1506d ago

They sell digital games too

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Eonjay1506d ago

The answer is $15 in store credit. Did you miss the punchline? LOL

ricochetmg1506d ago killed the internet

IWentBrokeForGaming1506d ago

The day video games go ALL digital is the day I officially give up the hobby! Nothing benefits me to download a game... Still the same price as a hard retail copy & I cannot trade it in towards new games, which is what I do to keep up... Helps when money is tight! I'm also the same way with music if a cd is $10 to download or $10 to own the physical cd with the album art/liner notes... I will 120% go hard copy! Only benefit to downloading music is if you don't like a full album and only want to pluck certain tracks.

rainslacker1506d ago

There just needs to be some serious changes to how digital games are distributed. MS was actually on the right track with allowing the reselling of games, but screwed it up by applying digital DRM to physical copies.

The idea of ownership is what's at odds between the consumer and the publisher, and we gamers like the way it is now and don't see any reason for a different distribution model that screws with that.

Anyhow, I wouldn't give up gaming myself...I may give up new games though. I'd still be willing to go after those less expensive games, but full price for a digital copy day one is a no go. I would also miss my nice collector's editions.:)

dantendo1506d ago

The day people realize that going digital is NOT the same as physical copies, it will be too late. Digital is not the same translation when it comes to consumer rights. The purchase will not attain ANY value as it can never be transfered or sold. Access to the content you pay is no longer at the discretion of the consumer, but rather the company. If steam or apple or any other digital content provider goes belly up for some god forsaken reason (yes it can happen) everything you ever purchased can be locked and not downloaded again. FACT: Digital means pay to use NOT to own.. since when did games expire?

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