Ultra-difficult roguelike shooters offer new tests for players and developers

The new first person shooter genre uses roguelike role-playing-game elements such as permadeath and randomly generated levels to fry your brain.

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ColManischewitz1482d ago

I had no idea shooters dabbled with the roguelike formula.

psuedo1481d ago

Looks pretty cool. I always wanted more games with roguelike features. Now I want to see a major developer take on the roguelike genre and do one on a AAA budget. One can only hope.

Here's some good Roguelikes...
Duengon Crawl Stone Soup (Hard, but lots of races/class's to choose from so very hard though.)
T.O.M.E. (I just downloaded this yesterday, but it's looking to be pretty cool the little bit I played. I might even like it more than duengon crawl)
UNREAL WORLD (Oh man this is very very addicting. I'm liking this more than both of the above two. The controls aren't that hard to get use to, but they do take some time, and reading. however the game is very rewarding, and awesome.)