Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus: September 2014

GF: Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus is back for another round for the month of September. Summer is leaving and Fall has now arrived. Even though this season boasts a lot of heavy hitters to pick up, who does not want free games and discounts? Let’s take a look what the two services have to offer and which comes out on top and give you a bang for your buck.

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NeoGamer2323099d ago

Here we go again...

MS offers free games and Sony does too...

Can't we just be happy rather than comparing?

darthv723099d ago

i dont see them as "vs" because i use both. i appreciate what both have to offer and how they have both grown into better services than when I was first a member.

no complaints here.

XBLSkull3099d ago

I'm not willing to pay for 2 online services so I go with the superior Xbox Live. I'm really not a user of the whole free game thing because I buy all my games day one and don't play indies. That being said Halo: Reach is probably a better free game than Sony has ever offered. I think they ruined the multiplayer in it with armor lock (invincibility on command has no place in halo) but the campaign was top notch. It's really just one of those masterpieces that stand out above all the others, like Rockstars games.

dantesparda3099d ago

Always being a fanboy, always trolling. Do you ever give it a rest? We get it, you're in love with MS. Now stop reminding us every time you speak. And p.s. opinions arent facts. I have Halo Reach and can barely stand it.

NukaCola3099d ago

XBLSkull go away! Your continuous trolling does nothing here but waste the sites time. Be gone.

Any person who says they don't play indies, are not gamers. What do think some award winning xbox games ie bastion, limbo were? That's right indi.

Dirtnapstor3099d ago

Yes, our appreciation surely is appreciated by those on high. They don't have to hand out freebies. It's pretty nice.


Reach was the best campaign of all the Halos, but I disagree as far as offerings go. Sony's provided some sweet games.

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Godmars2903099d ago

Not since XBL was held as "The Best" online service. Throughout most of the 360's life.

Brazz3099d ago

I have to agree when you say tha XBL held the best service in the past, but right now, i rely think the 2 services are at the same level, for 2013 PSN was a much better service whit amazing things coming on PS+, XBL , that started as the better service, needed to catch PSN on 2014, and now there are even.

psuedo3099d ago

What's the point in having competition if you don't compare?

Muzikguy3099d ago

That, my friend, is the smartest thing I've heard all day +1

Genuine-User3099d ago

I don't see why we constantly compare the two. Games with gold is fairly recent so it will take some time for them to catch up with PS plus.

kantenkopf3099d ago

I wake up every morning, asking myself the same question: "When does everyone get, that those games are not free?"

You are paying for those games, because a subscription is needed, and this subscription costs money. Soooo you pay for those games as a part of your subscription, therefore they are not free. You get it?

NeoGamer2323099d ago

Yes, they are not free...

They are built into the price of the subscription...

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rxl2093099d ago

i wish i wouldve known xbox was giving away such value like monaco, i already spent 99 cents on it for pc. #humblegameswithgold

DeathOfTheFanBoy3099d ago

I'd rather have Monaco free than spend hard earned cash on knack!

BiggerBoss3099d ago

Have you ever played Knack? It's actually pretty fun :| but you don't care since its on Playstation I guess...

Kingthrash3603099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Thats true knack is surprisingly fun. It was the last lauch game I bought and the first I beat. I found myself going back to it everyday until I beat it....very under rated imo.
Not a 9 or 10 but a high 7 low 8 easy, IMO

Muzikguy3099d ago

What I'd like to know is why are they comparing this now?! It's October in TWO days... Shouldn't we be talking about that instead? Better late than never I guess :/

uth113099d ago

This is for September. Any word of what is on tap for October?

hazard17remedy3099d ago

Yes... GWG games are Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Darksiders 2

gangsta_red3099d ago

For the month of September, Xbox hands down. And as for October, so far I am going with Xbox but I have to see what PlayStation is offering.

trouble_bubble3099d ago

Nah, Playstation won September with Velocity alone. Brand NEW, $20 value for free, the -HIGHEST RATED- new game of the month with 86% on metacritic. That's higher than Destiny. Plus it's a PS4 game. Halo Reach in comparison is a 4 YEAR OLD last gen 360 game. Wow.

OB1Biker3099d ago

Cant wait for Drive Club ;)

Paprika3099d ago

Games with gold vs PS plus is not entirely fair.

Compare plus games first 12 months, we have had titles like deus ex, mass effect, DMC, BioShock, uncharted, battlefield, saints row, demon souls, xcom, Catherine.... list goes on... but as it goes on, future titles added are less likely to be as epic due to not putting up the same games. Although, we have a few others to look forward to I'm sure,but gold has mostly first timers bring added.

That's last gen. 2015 will be interesting to see the likes of infamous, assassins creed, kill zone go up vs ryse, Titanfall etc as this gen its an even playing field, both consoles are out of the gates together.

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