Road Rash Inspired Road Redemption Is Now On Steam Early Access

"Road Redemption, a bike racing/combat game greatly inspired by Road Rash, was recently released on Steam Early Access. The game costs $19.99, and is currently being tweaked based on feedback from players.

Road Redemption on Early Access is meant to be a 10-15 hour experience, and the full version will cost $10-$15 more, when it releases in Q1 2015.

You can grab Road Redemption here, and view a trailer for the game above. The final game will be available on consoles at some point as well."

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Bigpappy1479d ago

Don't think I like guns and roof tops. Maybe going too over the top

PeaSFor1479d ago

over the top? i remember playing roadrash on 3do and the cutscenes was over the top.

Bigpappy1479d ago

Yea. I had a 3DO also, and coincidently, that is where I played my first road rash. I know it was over the top. But taking anything too far takes the fun out. In that version of road rash, you could actually die for instance