The 90's Arcade Racer Delayed

Expected to be released mid 2014, backers of the The 90s Arcade Racer and those waiting for the game's release are going to have to hold off a bit longer. According to Antonis on Kickstarter, the majority of the game has been completed but

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AKR1481d ago

Dang; and I was looking forward to playing this. Hope all goes well with the development.

R00bot1481d ago

Hopefully this means they can make it an even better game.
Loved Daytona back in the day.

darthv721480d ago

Well now this is coincidental...

I was looking for info on its progress yesterday and the last thing i found was from May of this year and how it was coming along and how people were asking about a firm release date.

and now this pops up. Im a patient person and i know this game is going to really take me back to those glory days of racing in the arcades. I too hope it works out in development.

atticus141480d ago

I too was just thinking about this game as I was unpacking my Logitech steering wheel from storage due to a water pipe busting. I first thought about those glorious Daytona USA arcade cabinets, then remember this game was coming to hopefully fill that hole.

gerbwmu1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I'm hoping this game turns out well. Between this, Project Cars, MK8, and Fast Racing Neo this maybe the first console that I have more then 1 or 2 "racers" for since N64.

Would cover Sim, Kart, Arcade, and Futuristic racer too. I guess we wait and see. So far 1 of the 4 is awesome IMO. Hope the other 3 don't disappoint.

Software_Lover1480d ago

Someone needs to make an HD port of Asphalt 8. I love that game. I can imagine it with better car models and overall better textures.

Master of Unlocking1480d ago

How come this game is announced only for PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U???
Don't tell me they don't plan on releasing it on PS3, PS4, xbox1 & 360!

darthv721480d ago

You should take that question up with the developer. Its a valid point but we cant assume anything as he is the one to decide which platforms he was developing for.