Saints Row 4 Re-Elected Encourages You To Swear At Your Xbox One

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Volition’s Jim Boone stated that they’ve made use of the Kinect for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected to catch when you swear at the game, and your character will respond with a random taunt. So basically, Saints Row 4 Re-Elected encourages you to swear, which sounds just about right for a Saints Row game.

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2cents1482d ago

Oooooh... Kinect-y

Could be fun!

ScorpiusX1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Sweet look forward to being told of by a members of the Saints. Just as cool as the flags in fifa for arguing penalties, now imagine it in other Sports like MLB, Madden, NBA2k. The would be cool as hell.

giovonni1482d ago

Its already in 2k14 I cursed and got a tech!!!!!!! Its a dope feature the issue I have is responsiveness

WeAreLegion1482d ago

I don't swear. Should I start?

SilentNegotiator1482d ago

The trick is to only use curse words for poignancy.

If you go around saying stuff like "fiddle sticks" over little things and then are all of the sudden like, "ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME, JOHNSON?! GET ME THOSE DAMN REPORTS NOW!"

It's even more important if you're a woman, according to The Dilbert Principle:
"...if a man comes to the office of another man and offers to show him a report, a typical response might be 'Ah, shove it up your ass and die.' Then both men laugh...thus creating a lifelong bond that cannot be broken." "For women it's very different. Swearing can be shocking and attention grabbing." "The woman responds by saying 'Ah, shove it up your ass and die.'...he will probably back slowly out the door...fortunately for her, all men are trained at birth to accept verbal abuse from women and get over it rather quickly." (Adams, 121-123).

LOL, such a great book.

Onenyte1482d ago

I've been swearing at my Kinect for ages....