NVIDIA releases Medusa tech demo

NVIDIA has released a tech demo titled "Medusa" for their new GTX 200 series graphic cards, but it will work on their older DirectX 10 enabled graphics cards as well.

The download is 239 MB.


The tech demo is DX10 only, so it can be run only under Windows Vista.

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Hydrolex3775d ago

Next Gen Console graphics are gonna ... ( I don't know what to say )

Charmers3775d ago

You know I just love it when people see a graphics card story about the PC and they go "omgz next gen consoles are so going to pwn with these cards". By the time you actually get these chips in your console the PC gamer will already be onto something even bigger and better. Yet I bet any money when the new lot of consoles come out we will have people going "oh dat is it for da pc they can't do gfx like dis".

darkstar3775d ago

For the most part....true.

Kakkoii3775d ago

Lol while that is one argument that is blindly used by console fanboy's a many.

The main argument is the price/performance issue. With the console fans always claiming how much cheaper consoles are.

(But in reality, if you get a graphics card with the same performance as a current console, it would be cheaper than that console by a long shot. Plus the online play and and player made custom content would be free :P. +mouses rock for FPS's)

INehalemEXI3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

There are always reasons to game on a console since they have exclusives the PC does not have and the same could be said for PC. PS3 has K+M support. My ps3 uses the same Saitek Keyboard and Razer mouse my Gaming rig does.

Right now my gaming rig is down and in need of a new cpu fan. So the consoles entertain me well until I get around to getting a new fan.

Bolts3775d ago

The Xbox 360 and PS3 are already obsolete technologically. The native resolution of the best console games can attest to this. With this GPU the PC left them in the dust. But console fans shouldn't pout, what we have here is the seed technology for the nextgen consoles. But yeah, by the time console fans get their hands on this tech the PC will be three generations ahead, again.

Thats just the way the industry works. There's no need to hate.

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TiKiMaN13775d ago

Cool I will have to check this out. :)