I'm More Excited about Fantasy Life than Super Smash Bros.

CCC Says: "Now, I know an article with a potentially inflamatory title like that is going to invoke some strong emotions. "How dare she think that Fantasy Life is somehow better or more exciting than Super Smash Bros?" There could be rabble rousing, and that's fair. So allow me to start this with an explanation.

I am absolutely excited about Super Smash Bros. I already have a pre-order in, and almost went ahead and purchased a digital version from the eShop on my Japanese 3DS LL earlier this month, so I could have it sooner. However, despite the joy that Super Smash Bros will undoubtedly bring, I am far more excited about Level 5's Fantasy Life, which comes out on October 24, 2014."

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Geobros1481d ago

why not?? Both great games!