October's Xbox One Changes Make Microsoft's Console A Whole Lot Better

Microsoft's monthly tinkering with the Xbox One's system software will produce something special in October, as the console will at long last offer the kind of distinct, smartly-designed system-wide functionality that could make rival console-makers jealous.

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GarrusVakarian1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Is this the update that implements 'snap centre'? That looks like it's going to be a great feature for streamlining the UI for controller users. I look forward to it.

Kayant1478d ago

Yh the video shows it. Snap mode is pretty sweet. It's the ultimate feature for achievement hunters.

XBLSkull1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Once you snap you never go back. Seriously, changed console gaming for me forever. Use it constantly. Throw up my achievements, watch some TV, stream video from my PC, get NFL updates, watch YouTube/Twitch, play a CD, watch Netflix, etc, etc, all while playing games or watching TV. True next-gen experience right here.

Mr Pumblechook1478d ago

Changes are good but when you have a website editor like Stephen Totilo championing one console over another you know that he is not doing his job to be unbias.

OOMagnum1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Pumble what is he championing? Its fact that nintendo or sony will never be able to do this because of the way microsoft made the os. People were shitting on it because they didnt understand but now after the emotions died down its clear it was the right decision.

testerg351478d ago

Championing? Where did you get that?

LonDonE1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The Operating System of the Xbox One is what i love about the system the most!
Seriously i love the thing and what's strange is even though at first i hated the kinnect i have now actually gotten used to using the voice commands and now LOVE using it! its just another option, more options are always good!!!

Also i just cant praise Microsoft enough when it comes to the constant updates EVERY MONTH which they have been doing since launch which as a whole updates which have been improving the O.S with every new update!
Just the fact that i can now plug in my external hard drive and watch all my movies from my movies collection and listen to music and view pictures of my kids etc from my digital albums IS AWESOME!!

I just cant fathom how Sony allowed the PS4 to launch with an O.S while functional feels so lack lustre and basic! at the very least the PS4 should of launched with all the media play back functions which the PS3 allows.
My 2 PS3 systems (Launch fatty which is a beast and still going strong LOL) and my slim were my go to systems for watching movies and streaming media via my external hard drive but now i just use my X1 for EVERYTHING!!

And what's so mind blowingly awesome is that after the October patch the X1 will be able to play MKV files which is SICK!!!!

I suppose since M.S are known for making operating systems it only makes sense that the X1 would have a awesome O.S!
Don't get it twisted i LOVE ALL THINGS SONY! and since my Sony Bravia, my Sony Xperia smart phone, my Sony Tablet, my PS4, PS3 etc all pretty much use a XMB O.S so once i got used to one Sony product i could easily use all Sony products which is great!

I love the XMB O.S but man the PS4 O.S has got major problems which mostly have been a problem since launch.
I have to call Sony out on this and say the updates and fixing of problems of the PS4 O.S has been dismal.
Sony needs to get on it and sort out all the B,S! like the lagging friends list, the lagging of messages received, to name a few and the complete lack of media playback from a external device is ludicrous! and after nearly a year of being launched just WTF has Sony been doing?

I am eagerly awaiting Update 2.0 But M.S has it nailed! I love how on the Xbox forums you or i can go and suggest things we would like the X1 to do and people from the Xbox community then vote and within no time M.S implements the suggestion! THAT IS EPIC! and M.S deserve praise for this! I wish Sony would do some thing similar and also i wish they would give us updates every month like M.S!

UltraNova1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

In all seriousness did you expect anything less form the worlds leader in Operating Systems?

With that been said its true the monthly xb1 updates have trully made it a very capable all in one machine, just like the ps3 was.

On the other hand Sony is a hardware manufacturer first and foremost. That contradicts with the fact that they produce some of the finest software code around with their 1st party studios, why cant they get their OS right is mind-boggling!

Still they cant be excused for the lack of certain vital functions a year later. They are in this business for a long time, longer than others and they should know better.

I want dips with my nachos Sony!

user3672721478d ago


Get a grip...not everyone is bias because what he said is true about the xb1 and other consoles. MS is the leader in software and OS..that is what they do best. Another conspiracy..awwee 😳

gootimes1477d ago

The snap feature is really cool, it looks very useful.

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nicksetzer11478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Been using it and love it. Snap works for the friends list too, always pissed me off having to back out and go to the friends list that took forever to load. Now you can snap friends pretty much instantly. The achievements work nice too.

UnHoly_One1478d ago

Snapping Friends is awesome.

Messages as well, I love the "text message" look to them, it just plain works because we are all obviously used to that sort of display.

Great new additions, loving it.

nicksetzer11478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Yea, and you can finally see what you sent. I would always send messages and forget what I even said. Lol

FanboyKilla1478d ago Show
legionsoup1477d ago

I care about as much about the Xbone's UI as I do about Kinect. Give me more games I want to play. Sunset Overdrive looks like a good start.

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Foehammer1478d ago

Very nice

Love the constant improvements and capabilities.

mochachino1478d ago

As a PS4 owner I very jealous of MS' commitment to meaningful monthly OS updates.

badz1491478d ago

this is what I don't understand. the PS3 was blasted last gen because of the constant updates but this gen MS is adored by the fans for it yet Sony is deemed 'slacking' for not updating the PS4 as frequently.

UnHoly_One1478d ago

Because the vast majority of PS3 updates didn't add features, just made behind-the-scene tweaks.

And they took a ridiculously long time to download and install, while these all happen while your console is off and you never even notice until you find a new feature or read about it online.

strangeaeon1478d ago

Those constant updates for the PS3 were rarely anything meaningful with the UI or features, there is a difference.

-Alpha1478d ago

Oh please. You know very well that those PS3 updates are nothing like what MS has been doing with Xbox One. Don't try to spin this for no reason

NeoGamer2321478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I think it is more about features that actually change the system to make it much better.

It seems like everytime I turn my PS4 and PS3 on it asks for a firmware update... I do the update and I see no difference from the previous update. There were only two or three updates a year that really changed anything for gamers.

The X1 updates are adding features... Achievement app snap, making snap easier to use, social app snapping, Blu-ray 3D support, external HDD support with marketplace content... These are changes that are visible and obvious.

Septic1478d ago

So insecure...

How many times did the OS see any meaningful changes? I'm not talking about updates that remove features like Linux either.

Those updates on Ps3 were annoying as hell. Heck, even the X1 ones do but at least they are meaningful ones adding proper features.

So yeah. Your argument fails here.

mhunterjr1478d ago

It wasn't the # of updates that pissed off PS3 users. It was the fact that they added nothing (sometimes tools features away) and they took forever.

These Xbox updates occur in the background and make the console better every time.

Crazay1478d ago

They were blasted on the PS3 because there was nothing of any real substance added, the size was obscene for said nothing and the length of time it took to download and install was atrocious.

badz1491478d ago

replies are as expected. updates are updates but yeah, keep moving those goalpost, you guys are gonna need it.

well, what do I know, right? just like how Bluray was not needed for games, console are for playing games, not watching movies/tv and PS+ was just a rental service. but whatever!

MetalProxy1478d ago

badz why is getting attacked? its true lol funny part is M$ has been adding these magical feaures that should have been there from the get go. just sayn. dot dot dot

4Sh0w1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

badz149 there's no goalpost changing, saying an "updates are updates" is pretty weak or just downright foolish knowing what we know about how important it is for software to be user friendly. So basically its like you are putting your head in the sand so that you can conveniently overlook the fact that HOW a update is deployed= matters alot. WHAT the update offers the end user= matters alot. FREQUENCY of updates= matters alot, if they ADD new features, they are welcomed, especially when you never even have to wait when you turn on your console, its updated already. btw don't bring up Bluray for last gen, it doesn't help your arguement, some huge games like Skyrim and alot other games did just fine on 360.

MetalProxy, of course SOME of the features from 360 SHOULD have been there at launch but just like ps4 things take time do implement on a new platform. I think people overlook that these are complex machines and even last gen the 360 took more time to evolve into what it is today, X1 so far is outpacing 360 updates with meaningful features considering how proactive micro has been to ADD features since launch vs the competition I'd say X1 owners are glad micro is working hard to make the X1 better every month.

DeadManMMX1478d ago

Your kidding right? There was an update seemingly every 2 or 3 weeks and all they ever did was "Improve system stability".

jrshankill1478d ago

The PS3 updates were all based around security mostly. Once the console was hacked / jailbroken (which was frequently), Sony issued updates.

To be fair not all of these were security fixes, but a lot of them were.

MS are pumping out monthly updates based on consumer feedback, asking players what they want implemented into the console. I am quite surprised how quick they add these things based on the feedback site. Have to give it to Microsoft on this one, they genuinely update the console with features players want.

Alsybub1478d ago

Almost every PS3 update was for stability or security fixes. You can't seriously compare that to meaningful feature additions and improvements, can you?

There's no goalpost moving here. Updates are not just updates. The updates on PS3 were an inconvenience to the user with no clear reason to benefit them and the Xbox One updates give new experiences each time.

One pisses people off the other people actually look forward to.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed1478d ago

That's the least they can

ricochetmg1478d ago


ShowanW1478d ago

this comment is a joke right? right?....

Alsybub1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

In other words: there's a long wait between meaningful updates from Sony. Both are true. Which would you prefer as a consumer? To get regular updates giving you new features or occasional updates giving you new features? I would find it very hard to choose the latter.

Dress it however you want.

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supersonicjerry1478d ago

I'm in the preview program and this update is the best thing to happen to x1. being able to snap friends, messages and just about almost everything makes it so much easier especially for people without the kinect. since i'm in the preview program i had it since the beginning of september so i don't even know what they're going to do in the next update.

NeoGamer2321478d ago

I also like the Friends tab they added...

Showing your friend feed and ranking friends by their GS in the past month...

Or was that in last months update?

Whatever... This console OS is second to none... MS' decision to go with VMs and include snap are two very smart decisions that allow them to do this stuff.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Agree, I've been playing Defense Grid 2, and I'm constantly snapping achievements (only 3 more to go), it works so well, I'll be doing the exact same thing when Halo MCC drops.

The XB1 is an awesome console, it's a shame so many people have decided it's crap and will never give them selves chance to actually use it.

My favorite feature of the console which was there at launch is the suspend/resume thing, in my house with a wife and 3 kids it's SUPER handy, I don't have to say "just let me finish this bit" etc when my wife or kids want to switch to netflix/TV, I just switch and when they've finished I start exactly where I left off.

Oh and friends tab^^^ as Neo pointed out get's lots of use, me and some of my friends are pretty competitive with GS

poor_cus_of_games1478d ago

Yeah that's a handy feature that I use on my ps4 as well.

darthv721478d ago

Well, that's what happens when people use spite as a way to deny themselves from ever knowing if something is good or not.

n4rc1478d ago

Agree.. Have it as well and really love the SNP center.. Use it all the time now

Its really awesome how they keep adding stuff.. On top of games to look forward to, we have features as well..

Just noticed the other day that the media player app suddenly started displaying my PC as well as my dnla media server