PlayStation 4 Dual Drop and Charge gets U.S. release date and photos

Hori is preparing to release the PlayStation 4 Dual Drop and Charge soon in the U.S. The kit is advertised to provide a more compact and convenient way to charge the DualShock 4.

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Thomaticus1480d ago

I prefer the charger made by sony. I had to pick it up from play asia uses the port at the bottom of the controller instead of the usb. No extra attachments needed.

ramiuk11480d ago

i have it too,but i have tyo leave it on at mains when pads on it because it discharges them if 2 pads on it at same time and no power input.

little fiddley to get on sometimnes too

guitarded771480d ago

I've been waiting to get one. They haven't released them in the US yet? I wonder what is taking so long. I have charge cradles for all my other controllers.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1480d ago

I'l just get the Sony official licensed version by Power A.