3 useful Firefox 3 'awesome bar' hacks

The Firefox 3 honeymoon is over.

It is indeed awesome, but it could use a little tweaking to keep your surfing a high-speed affair, right? You're in luck, because there are some easy tweaks.

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Kakkoii3772d ago

If like me, you dislike the new so called "Awesome Bar".

Use this add-on I created, and am constantly trying to improve.

riksweeney3772d ago

I hate the awesome bar, it's the worst thing in Firefox 3. I'm quite tempted to go back to 2 just so I don't have to put up with it anymore...

Kakkoii3772d ago

Well, did you try the add-on I posted?

It's pretty close to FF2's. Except it also searches a websites description still =/. But it's not to much of a crutch overall.

Bnet3433772d ago

Kakkoi, thanks for that, really needed it. Bubbles.

OpiZA3772d ago

I really have no complaints. When i was trying the beta's it was quite a shock at first... but i've come to appreciate it and i wouldn't go back

SiLeNt KNighT3772d ago

yeah thats what ive been telling people. just give it a chance. change is hard to get used to but once you do you will NEVER go back. its called an awesome bar for a reason!! =P thanks to kakkoii though!! im sure theres a ton of people that would love to just keep it simple and the same. bubbles for him for the good lookin out!!

juandren3772d ago

How can anybody NOT like the bar? Just give it some time. I love it

MANCREEP3772d ago

Dude, I'd like to have Firefox instead of Opera for my Blackberry's browser. I wonder if it would be faster, cause Opera is pretty damn fast.

cyclindk3772d ago

I was just thinking...they should make a game called "Firefox," no based upon the Clint Eastwood movie of the same title (good movie).