Do Videogames Affect Behaviour?

Whatever your personal opinions on feminism or sexism in videogames are, the fact that it has become a conversation in the industry is a good thing. There has been a lot of uproar over the feminist frequency video series, the point of view they discuss in regards to videogames, and the media’s subsequent reporting of these stories. If you fall in the camp that was upset with all or any of these, I won’t argue with you, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

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NukaCola1481d ago

Immature people are easily influenced by anything, games movies music tv etc. That's the issue

bfrye261481d ago

This can be true. It can be good or bad. All depends on what they take away from the medium.

Massacred1480d ago

I cannot comment on "behavior" in the broad sense, but in terms of violence this has essentially been debunked.

If anything as "violent videogames" have grown, violent crime has decreased.

RG_Dubz1481d ago

It's because parents didn't/don't know how to raise their kids properly.

Illusive_Man1480d ago ShowReplies(1)
dcj05241480d ago

Yes. Games allow me to release stress, making me a less stressful person.

DragonKnight1480d ago

Video games having a positive influence on skills that improve through use, such as hand eye co-ordination or problem solving, is VASTLY different than video games influencing negative BEHAVIOUR patterns.

An improvement in multi-tasking, or hand eye co-ordination requires nothing but physical activity, absent of a positive or negative context. Influencing behaviour is vastly more complex. It's been widely refuted that gaming influences violent behaviour, which we know thanks to Jack Thompson's rampage against GTA. 9 federal courts threw out his claims, calling them baseless and lacking in legitimate scientific proof.

That is the biggest issue I have with feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and people that parrot their ideas. If gaming causing or influencing violent behaviour has been widely refuted, it should stand to reason that real world sexism and (i really hate this word) misogyny are also not at all linked to gaming.

People who already have behavioural disorders can be influenced by anything, it's simply due to the malfunction in their brain.

GamePeace1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Everyone who is pro videogames use the same arguments as you and everyone who is against videogames use the same arguments as Jack Thompson (nearly every time), because people see only what their own point of view wants them to see. So, you're not completely right (objective). We should say that videogames CAN affect behaviour, but they don't have to (they can have positive OR negative effects on one's behaviour, but they don't have to). Some videogames for example, cause nothing in me.

DragonKnight1480d ago

"Everyone who is pro videogames use the same arguments as you and everyone who is against videogames use the same arguments as Jack Thompson."

You mean facts vs. fiction? Jack Thompsons claims were officially refuted and debunked. 9, count 'em, 9 federal courts rejected his claims outright. This means, scientifically, games DO NOT affect behaviour. This isn't an opinion, this is a fact that Jack Thompson was fired over. Google is your friend if you don't believe me.

Affecting ability is not the same as affecting behaviour either.

Tiqila1480d ago

One disagree from Anita Sarkeesian!

HonestDragon1479d ago

What many ignorant people tend to do is go for the violent and misogynist argument when saying that video games influence gamers. Jack Thompson and Anita Sarkeesian are the obvious worst cases I have seen. Unless there are others out there who are worse that I haven't heard of yet, which I'm sure there are, but I'd have to do some research. There have been no studies that are fundamentally conclusive on the ideas they have tried to regurgitate time and time again.

The same goes for music, literature, tabletop games, and movies. Every form of entertainment has been a scapegoat for the actions done by those who are mentally disturbed or just in general unpleasant to be around.

GamePeace1480d ago

Sure they can, there are countless influences around us who can affect our behaviour (positively or negatively), but why do we have a brain to think before we start something stupid? You can avoid many things with some rationality ... don't let influence yourself that easily, use your brain. We're talking about videogames (the word itself contains the word "game") and if you let yourself influence by a "game" you must be mentally instable or stupid.

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