Ex-Dice Employee: "Don't Buy Battlefield Hardline at Launch"

"It's not uncommon for ex-employees to voice opinions about their previous employer and the projects they are working on. Via an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit this week, we were able to hear what ex-Dice designer Tim Kjell had to say about the Battlefield franchise. His opinion: don't buy Battlefield Hardline at launch."

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ArchangelMike1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I won't be buying BF:Hardline at all. I'll be getting The Division instead.

badz1491481d ago

why not? the dev said it will work on release. /s

XBLSkull1481d ago

Only reason the "Battlefield" title is attached to this is to help it sell. It is in no way, shape, or form, a Battlefield game. Skipping it for sure. EA needs punishment anyways for the BF4 debacle, and they shouldn't be turning Battlefield into an annual franchise.

1481d ago
KingKevo1481d ago

@badz149: Funny that someone from the devs really felt the need to actually say that the final version of the game that is sold to consumers will work. Just imagine you buy a car and the seller was like "and oh, the best thing about this car is that it comes with an engine, 4 wheels, breaks and, believe it or not, it actually drives!!" I did not read that story you linked, so maybe the headline was just misleading, but it is actually really ridiculous what EA did and keeps doing with BF.

I'm like ArchangelMike, I won't buy the game at all and thus won't have any trouble. I really did not like the Beta, it felt like any other BF and even those games seem to be in constant Beta even when they are 'gold' and released..

killacal131481d ago

@ prince ali, in my opinion battlefield should be about battlefields with tanks, choppers, etc... Not a bad boys movie.

dennett3161480d ago

The fact that a developer even had to say that is a sign of just how broken the games industry actually is. No other industry gets away with such obvious contempt for the paying customer, yet people are perfectly happy to continue plonking down their $60, sight unseen, practically begging the publishers and devs to take advantage of them by stripping out content and selling it back to them as Day 1 DLC.
Battlefield 4 was a test to see just how sloppy they could get and still have people make the game a success, and worse, openly stick up for the developers in the face of such a broken farce of a game.
Hardline is a test to see whether or not someone will pay $60 for what is an extremely stripped down concept, to the point where I suspect it was actually supposed to be a "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon" type of expansion to Battlefield 4 instead of a full retail game. And, of course, gamers are drooling and lining up to buy it just because it had a flashy presentation at E3....who cares that Battlefield 4 was a mess, it'll be different next time???
Honestly, it's getting to the point where I think that the majority of gamers are their own worst enemy. They keep falling for the cycle of hype, pre-order, get game, "Oh wait, it's not very good", repeat. They keep buying the same old experiences, except each time, more and more content is stripped out and made into DLC so it costs them more and more each time to experience the exact thing they've already experienced several times before. Look at the delusion people are suffering over Destiny...I see people rushing to defend it in DROVES because they fell for the empty hype machine. "But it's fun to shoot stuff with friends". And? There are lots of games with satisfying FPS mechanics that are far more complete experiences than the empty shell that is Destiny. Anything can be fun with a few friends...throwing stones at a beehive and running away is fun with friends, that doesn't make it any less of a bad idea. Stop settling for less, stop falling for the hype and start speaking up when you're given a game that doesn't live up to the promises they made throughout its development. Demand MORE for your money, not less...make them EARN that $60 instead of bending over and letting them take it.

LonDonE1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Dude paragraphs are your friend! seriously you should edit it and just put some paragraphs in which makes it easier on the eye to read or else people will find their eyes jiggle and they keep losing what line they were on LOL

On topic i AGREE WITH U 100% just some advice space out your paragraphs and it makes such a big difference for the readers of your comment!

Please dont take offence to my suggestion i dont want to come across as a grammar nazi its just because i often write walls of text lol but i space out my paragraphs so it makes it easier on the eye when some one reads! :)
See how the spaced out paragraphs are easier on the eye? lol

PONTIAC08G8GT1480d ago

After the turd that BF4 was, they really should sell this game at $30 or $40. Charging $60 just doesn't make sense. The BF series needs an over haul and a "I'm sorry" for putting out such a broke a$$ game as BF4 was. BF really didnt do anything to make up for the garbage that was BF4.

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WombBat1481d ago

yup, battlefield 4 is one of my only regret buys of the last ten years.

Im never buying one again

spacedelete1481d ago

i'm glad i did buy BF4 so now i never will buy another BF game again. curiosity killed the cat.

Lwhit61481d ago

With this upcoming patch I feel like BF4 will finally be the game that it was meant to be. Maybe you'll give it another chance like I am?

princejb1341481d ago

I bought bf3 and bf4 at launch. I'll never touch a battlefield game again.

Matt6661481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I rather still play BF over COD any day of the week

annoyedgamer1481d ago

Crysis 2 was my final straw with EA. I learned my lesson long before.

Dirtnapstor1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I really don't understand the BF hate... Are these issues PC problems? I experienced server drops (PS3) initially (fixed) and rubber banding (PS4) on Naval Strike, that's about it.
If I get Hardline at launch, it'll be for the SP campaign at this point.

wsoutlaw871481d ago

@matt you dont have to get either

Kidmyst1480d ago

"Kjell’s opinion on why consumers shouldn’t buy Hardline on day one make perfect sense. Don’t reward EA for promises they have yet to deliver on. If they don’t deliver 100%, it wouldn’t be the first time. "

IF EA just finished a game and released it when ready this would get so much better for them. But EA is known for this crap and many gamers are getting smarter and not buying into the BS.

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SolidGear31481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

This!! ^^

InTheZoneAC1481d ago

A battlefield game that's simply cops and robbers, no actual battlefield or heavy military vehicles?

No thanks!

They should've called it something else and either gave us bad company 3, battlefield 5, or a futuristic battlefield.

I don't even know why they veered off like this, almost like they wanted to be a battlefield meets call of duty hybrid.

psuedo1481d ago

They don't want to do futuristic, because they are doing Star Wars Battlefront. They wanted to spin off the battlefield series some how though, and you get what should of been an alternate game mode into a new game. "Hardline" Greed.

Magicite1481d ago

''Don't Buy Any EA game at Launch!''

UltraNova1480d ago

"Buy Activision games at launch instead because the work" ohh, in order for you to play all the game you will have to pay up to 120 bucks 60 for half the game and another 60 for the rest as DLC PLUS the season pass.


Ninver1481d ago

He'll I urge everybody not to buy a BF game until they get their act together.

ramiuk11480d ago

i will never buy another BF game at launch,regardless of anyone.

Same reason i will bever buy DLC or a season pass.

people bitch and moan about things but then still go and buy.

TAURUS-5551480d ago

hardline looks different, amazing..reminds me of socom. im gonna love it.

DarkOcelet1480d ago

Its a shame that Visceral are the one who are in the middle of this . They are really a good devs .

Crazyglues1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Ex-Dice Employee: "Don't Buy Battlefield Hardline at Launch!"

-Don't worry I won't, I wash my hands with DICE- I really don't care what they make or what's made using there broken game engine..

So you can keep hardline / and I'll just buy anything else instead --> The Division / Assassin Creed / GTA V / Rainbow Six / Call Of Duty AW / No Seriously anything else...

I'm not wasting any money on that crap..

||.........___||............ ||

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daBUSHwhaka1481d ago

Maybe pick this up a year down the line when it's bargain bin material.No chance im making that mistake again.

isa_scout1481d ago

Yep, this is a franchise that EA has totally wrecked. I might pick it up used a year down the road, but I'll make sure EA doesn't see any of that money. I don't like buying games that take 10 patches spread out over a year to finally be the game I was promised when it launched.

HappyWithOneBubble1481d ago

I thought about getting it later used from ebay but now I think I'm not getting it at all. The cop theme isn't interesting for a BF game. I'm getting bored of FPS anyway. Rainbow Six might be the last FPS I pick up for awhile til BF5.

JJShredder1481d ago

I enjoy the Battlefield series a lot but after 3 and 4, I will most likely be skipping on this and waiting for the new Battlefront instead(hopefully next year).

sAVAge_bEaST1481d ago

" Less guns makes designing the game easier, and allows resources to be used elsewhere. Choose the best, scrap the rest." -Totally Agree. + it's easier to balance.