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One of the more intriguing titles shown at PAX Prime was Hand of Fate from Defiant Dev, thanks to its unique spin on the card deck game genre. Rather than purely playing out in a 2D setting with cards determining the outcomes of battles, Hand of Fate transitions into a 3D action-adventure RPG that allows you to hack your way to success using a loadout that is pre-determined based on the cards in your deck. Armor rating, weapons, skills and buffs can be gained by drawing from a deck of cards dealt by a mystical dealer in between the action rounds. The cards dictate the items you have at your disposal, the type of enemies you will face, as well allowing you to go to the game’s store to buy additional upgrades or items. This mechanic keeps every round interesting, and nothing is ever a sure thing thanks to the random card draws.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1479d ago

Great spin on the card deck genre!

tacotruck1479d ago

This is a pretty interesting concept. I'll have to pay more attention as this game progresses.

FrogSpork1479d ago

Maybe I will play this after all, I haven't played a card game since the Pokemon Card Trading Game on GBC, anyone remember that?! Those were the days...