PlayStation TV – Sony’s Tiny Trojan Horse

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Sony’s launch of PlayStation TV in North America. Will this console in disguise be as successful as Sony is hoping for? We take a look at the device and give you the lowdown on what to expect with it.

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Neonridr1507d ago

Regardless of what others think about this thing, I am getting it for one feature and one feature alone. This will replace my remote play gaming on my Vita. Now I can play my PS4 on my bedroom TV and not have to have my hands cramp up and fall asleep on me trying to play a few hours of destiny.

Super excited, it's like owning a second PS4.

ABizzel11507d ago


Completely agree. It would be nice if it supported full 1080p @ 60fps, but I'm willing to settle.

I think PSTV could be huge if they marketed it like that, but I haven't seen any advertisement for the thing at all (not that I watch too much TV, but I haven't seen any online ads, youtube ads, or store ads with it).

Their campaign needs to be:


Remote Play, almost gives you a Secondary PS4 in you home
PlayStation Vita support
PS Now support
Plays PSP games
PSOne games
and more....

For that price it's a great deal, now just add a patch to support DualShock 4.

Neonridr1507d ago

@ABizzel1 - it has been confirmed that the PS TV will support both the DS3 and DS4.

Yeah, only having 720p will suck, but like you said, I am willing to settle since it won't be the TV I game with all the time on. And besides, it's still an upgrade over the Vita Screen.

Godmars2901507d ago

Meh. It would help if you could burn original versions of PS1 games onto a PS4 HDD. not that that will ever happen.

SoapShoes1507d ago

DualShock 4 works with PSTV if you're using remote play.

ABizzel11507d ago

Then it's already complete, now it's time to start allowing that touchpad to work in Vita games for more compatibility.

Neonridr1507d ago

@SoapShoes - oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. Well since I am using it mainly for the Remote Play feature, then I should be all set.

I wonder how I navigate the menus and stuff prior to using the Remote Play then.

darthv721507d ago

I'm not getting it for remote play, im getting it to play vita games (as well as psp ones) on a tv.

Up to this point i am using a PSP Go with a spare sixaxis hooked to a TV to play psp games. But when the Vita was first announced i thought sony would keep that tradition they introduced with the PSP 2000 series (tv out) but they didnt.

But now this looks to fill that piece of 'my' puzzle.

G20WLY1507d ago

No more boring hotel nights away on work. Pop this in my pocket and I have my PS4 with me wherever I stay!

Can't arrive soon enough. :^)

ricochetmg1507d ago Show
badz1491507d ago



now we will start to see comparison of multiplats for Xbone version vs PS4 remote play version on PSTV! Xbone version will have a chance to win this time around!

I kid

Volkama1507d ago

Honestly it is a bit strange that it is restricted to 720p even over LAN.

Steam home streaming supports 4k over a home network so the bandwidth and latency are obviously sufficient. That is without any specially dedicated streaming hardware.

The PS4 does have streaming hardware, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they up it to 1080p60 streaming at a later date.

Otherwise you could always just get another ps4 I suppose, they're quite cheap now and the price is only going to go in one direction.

Rockstar1507d ago

Add DLNA and we have a winner!

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Christopher1507d ago

Yeah. This is essentially a better way to expand your PS4 in your house rather than having to buy two of them.

But, I wonder if it might not also be another way for developers to get back into developing games for the PS Vita?

Death1507d ago

The screen formats are not the same. Controls for the Vita and DS are not the same either. PSTV will get more indie support, not Vita support unless you think the two are the same. If anything PSTV will hurt Vita sales since people will use it for remote play instead of a Vita.

PSTV is a trojan horse for PSNow more than anything. It's a way to play PS3 and even PS4 games without the need to buy a console according to Sony. It will be interesting to see how many casual gamers jump on the device and skip consoles all together.

SoapShoes1507d ago

It can't hurt Vita at all Death. If PS Vita and PS TV are selling it only adds to the numbers developers can reach by developing for the Vita. In essence it expands the Vita to places Sony couldn't get with just a handheld. It makes it a more lucrative business for devs selling both.

Christopher1507d ago

***The screen formats are not the same. Controls for the Vita and DS are not the same either. ***

Doesn't matter considering those can be handled during developement of new games. That's how they do it with development of all other cross-platform games as it is.

The fact is, if enough people buy PS TVs, then there will be developers wanting to sell games to that market.

SoapShoes1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Also Death you can't play PS4 games on PSTV without a PS4. Sony isn't claiming it has access to PS4 games, it's claiming you can stream them from your PS4. PS4 access on PSNow isn't something that will launch with the system or even in their plans for the short-term future.

Death1507d ago


That is 100% incorrect. You do not need a PS4 to access PS4 games over PSNow. The work is being done remotely on servers. What you see requires no computation, just the ability to input commands and stream the content to your tv. Why do you think the Dual Shock 4 is being supported with the PSTV? With Gaikai servers or any "cloud" based servers that offer streaming, the device you access it with can be anything from a smart phone or tablet all the way to a new console or PC.

SoapShoes1507d ago

PSNow is only supporting PS3 games at launch, what is so hard to understand about that? So at launch and well after its launch it won't have access to PS4 games without a PS4 system. Why do you think Sony is only advertising PS3 games through PSNow?

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SoapShoes1507d ago

I'm getting it for remote play and to play awesome PSP games like Medievil Ressurrection, Ape Escape On the Loose, and Pursuit Force on my TV. Also great PS Vita games like Killzone Mercenary.

lemoncake1507d ago

Aye the remote play on this thing is just too good, anyone with a ps4 and a spare tv needs to have this thing.

SilentSolid1507d ago

''Owning a second ps4'' Except your second ps4 will not look as good or play as good. Remote play is a great idea. But the delay lag is killing it.

Neonridr1507d ago

I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's a nice alternative if you wanted to do a little bit of Destiny farming in bed or something..

chaosx1507d ago

Cant help but feel Sony are cutting off there nose with a product that replaces someone buying another PS4...

miyamoto1507d ago

720p for PS Vita games is more than enough like one enjoys his/her PS3 or Wii U

1080i for PS4, Netflix, Hulu is also good enough

Neonridr1507d ago

will it show PS4 games via Remote Play at 1080i? I thought it was capped at 720p.

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WeAreLegion1507d ago

I'm pretty excited for it, honestly. :) I hate dragging my PS4 around the house all the time. This will be a great little player for Netflix, Hulu, and other things, too.

KakashiHotake1507d ago

I think this has great potential and the only thing that could keep it from taking off is Sony's marketing. If they pushed this even half as hard as they did PS4 or even Destiny they would be alright.

ABizzel11507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

This 1000x

If they want to make a great PS4 bundle then do PS4 + PSTV for $499.

Basically 2 PS4's in the house + a Vita.

KakashiHotake1507d ago

That would be an incredible move and very savvy might I add.

Death1507d ago

If the device was made to simply extend the PS4's range of uses it would be a nice bundle. Hardcore gamers think the $99 box is geared towards them. It's geared more towards the casual gamers that can justify renting a game for $4.99 for the weekend instead of buying a $400 console and $60 game.

Sony makes money on content, not streaming the PS4 games you already own to another tv.

ABizzel11507d ago


Remote Play is just a bonus feature, that many PS4 owners would be able to take advantage of. At the end of the day it's still a fully function PS Vita, so even as a standalone product it has value.

Add in Remote Play in it's best form (thanks to a complete controller), PS Vita games, PSNow (if it ever becomes a streaming service), PSP games, and PSOne games and it's worth the $99 asking price.

Death1507d ago

The device is not compatable for games that were trully made for the Vita. Not many games were actually made that use the Vita's functions so the amount of incompatable games is relatively small. It's highly unlikely devs will give the Vita a second look if PSTV takes off since compatability will always be an issue. So no, it is not a fully functional Vita.

PSNow already is a streaming service. There is no subscription model yet since a blanket subscription that was still profitable would be very expensive. Sony's plan is to make money with streaming, not lose it.

As for PSTV being worth $100, that is completely up to the people buying it. It's not worth it to me, but I don't own a PS4 yet to use the remote play. Even when I do get a PS4, remote play isn't something I need or find appealing. If you don't have the luxury of owning multiple tv's or PS4's then I totally get it, but that isn't what Sony is looking to do since content sales is what they are after.

Neonridr1507d ago

the luxury of owning multiple PS4's? Can't imagine there are a lot of us gamers that have multiples of the same consoles in their household.

ABizzel11507d ago


I'm sure you'll be able to find something to play

MasterCornholio1507d ago

That would be a great bundle.


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BattleTorn1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


uth111507d ago

definitely on my list. Too much competition for the main TV that has the PS4, so it will be nice to be able to use it in the bedroom.

Neonridr1507d ago

couldn't agree more. It's TV season and I have a 2.5 year old.

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