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"I think story and visuals are very high [priorities]. Gameplay is something that... it's a game, we make games, we can't get around it."

That is a quote from The Order: 1886's game director Dana Jan, said in an interview with CVG back in May. It's a quote that will haunt the Sony exclusive shooter until its release next February, and with good reason.

The Order's Hollywood aspirations have hardly been a secret, but when one of the game's directors is making the core of what makes his game 'a game' sound like a hindrance and after-thought, then that's going to set off a few alarm bells.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1482d ago

Oh, boy...this should be interesting.

GarrusVakarian1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Cover shooter = *Insert company name here*'s answer to Gears. Right, got it.

What an incredibly narrow-minded way of thinking. People's constant need to compare game Y to game X in this industry makes me laugh. The Order has no MP, no horde-mode, no co-op....but just because it has guns and a cover system, it's Sony's answer to Gears? Please...

"I think story and visuals are very high [priorities]. Gameplay is something that... it's a game, we make games, we can't get around it."

The way I interpreted that quote is them saying that they understand that by being a videogame...they will have to make a videogame (duh), but that the gameplay itself will complement the other aspects of the game (visuals, story, characters), rather than be the main focus of the game. That approach may not be for everyone, but it's what RaD want to do, vote with your wallet blah blah blah...

And HOLY SH*T at the blatant bias in that cherry picking quote! This is what RaD said *directly after* the quote in the article, which backs up my interpretation of said quote perfectly:

"We love games, but we also love telling stories, so I think story is always going to be at the top because it's what we start with. It's at the top of the pyramid and everything else supports that".

So, great job on being not only being biased, Mr author, but also making senseless and completely pointless comparisons to a cover shooter that released 8 years ago. I'm getting really sick and tired of gaming "journalism".

I think the best thing RaD can do at the moment is give us, and the press, a demo of the game from the build we see in the latest Gamescom trailer. The gunplay looks much improved over the build of the game that they've been showing off lately, which is 8-9 months old now. They need something to counter the blatant bias and downplaying by so called "journalists" like these.

Kingthrash3601482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Man I just hate when journalists take the role of fortune teller and inplement it into a article.

Whats sad is this game may come out and be awsome but just because they want to say I told you so they will give a low review score.

Right now the ONLY review I trust is angry joe.
The guy gives 45 minute reviews...thats a review.
The destiny and titan fall reviews were spot on imo.

That said the order remains a day one purchase for me...I like story driven games as much as I like meat head shooters. So win win for me.

XBLSkull1482d ago Show
ziggurcat1482d ago

that's funny, XBLSkull, because your comment has troll written all over it...

you've been trashing this game all day. have you played it?

DeadlyOreo1481d ago Show
bouzebbal1481d ago

to me this game is a must have cause it has everything i like in an action/adventure game: story, graphics, historical context and gameplay mechanics.
maybe i will be disappointed once i get the full game but the demo i tried really impressed me and places this game in my most wanted list of games.

PaulFiend1481d ago

Nice one, Lukas. Good point.

gamer78041481d ago

i'm still somewhat interested in the order, but when i found out there was no story co-op, i was very disappointed. Was hoping for a gears-like experience with my friends on ps4. But you are right, this is not it.

I'll still get it though.

bouzebbal1481d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus: gaming journalism never really existed anyway. everyone serves his own a**.
i agree with all you said and that's the reason gaming will never be officially considered as an art because it's backed by people with garbage opinions doing nothing else than destroying gaming.

PeaSFor1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

so, just because the game look SUPERB, the gameplay should be hated and shat on?

it seem that if the graphic wasnt THAT good, the gameplay wouldnt be a massive target for the troll and the sensationalistic BLOGGERS(journalists?LOL!).

they dont try to reinvent the wheel, tps is a tps(like Windback already did years before gears)....but the game look soooooo good so lets bash everything else we can..

badz1491481d ago

"soulless answer to Gears"

clearly he started playing expecting it to play like Gears, which is STUPID! all credibility down the drain if he had any in the first place!

I'm so tired of these sorry excuse of journalists previewing and reviewing games based on their expectations and what they expect games to be but not what the devs are trying to deliver! they always try to compare games to one another like it is some kind of war going on but totally missing the point of the original intents of the games they are given to preview/review!

I'm glad these sorry excuses are limited to being "low level" journalists or so they call themselves are and not in the game development or else we will forever stuck with same old same old formulas for games where all FPS plays like CoD or BF, all TPS plays like Gears, all platformers play like Mario and all RPGs play like Skyrim! and then all of them have explosions and zombies!

nX1481d ago

Well said Lukas, good to see some common sense here. The build that was shown during the last year is probably around 8-9 months old, especially these so called journalists should know that best. Sure you can write a preview if you feel the urge to but at least mention the fact that the build you played is far from being finished and will probably look&run completely different in the final version. I can't wait for the day this game releases just to read the reviews from sites that were previously bashing this game to death.

UltraNova1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The author made it abundantly clear that he dislikes this game.

His view is far form objective, frankly its utter bullshit. His final verdict (the whole article felt like the author already gave his final verdict) of a game not released yet while only playing a 20 minute demo is a joke.

As someone above also mentioned people should wait for Angry Joe's review. I will be getting it day 1 since I love TRUE SINGLE PLAYER cinematic, story driven games.

generic-user-name1481d ago

Lukas Japonicus, I've noticed you're often the biggest voice of reason on n4g. Well said.

Mr Pumblechook1481d ago

The clique of so called game journalists chat amongst themselves at their beer-swilling press junkets and have decided that the narrative of this is that it is a disappointment before actually reviewing it.

Haters gonna hate but I'm love poking forward to it.

Lilrizky1481d ago

Well said you don't see people calling mass effect; gears of war in space.

I think it's becoming a trend.

Watchdogs is assassins with hacking
Titanfall is cod with mechs
Advanced warfare is titanfall with exo suits
Destiny is a halo mmo
Shadow of mordor is Arkham knight in middle earth
Sunset overdrive is ratchet and clank mixed with tony hawk

Please!!!!! Just stop!

CuddlyREDRUM1481d ago

You speak of blatant bias, then anything that doesn't glorify Sony you hate and don't respect the opinion of.

Keep cashing those Sony checks.

PeaSFor1481d ago

@RussellGorall, you should always keep a shovel with you to clean up the big piles of salt you are leaving on the floor after your whinning on everything sony related, someone could trip on it, safety first dude.

LonDonE1481d ago

the problem is last generation there was A CLEAR MEDIA BIAS TOWARDS MICROSOFT! the media only started to even acknowledge the PS3 after it kept spitting out awesome exclusive after exclusive and was gaining serious traction!

Thing is these so called journalists are just unofficial employees/spokes persons for whatever company is giving them the biggest add revenue's! and for the most of last gen this was Microsoft! just like it is now.
But this generation to all of their surprise Sony knocked the ball out the park while Microsoft was left in the dirt.
And this has caused all sorts of problems in this corrupt industry we all so love!

The people have spoken and for the most part every one is picking the PS4 and Sony and this is making all the biased journalists MAD!!!
This industry is corrupt and these so called journalists have an agenda to push.

I admit even i want to see more of the Order i have it pre order regardless because the games story, setting etc intrigue me! yes i have voiced concerns about the gun play looking kinda off at first, but with every new trailer/game play i have become more and more confident with it.
I just hate how some people judge Sony exclusives with a biased agenda! yes its a dam cover shooter, so what? its like how people bang on about a particular game being a boring fps game, but then the same year praise call of duty for being another boring fps shooter all over again year after year!

I really do think R.A.D need to just show us some more proper game play like show us a whole level from start to finish and that way they can show the doubters!
It just annoys me how this game is getting allot of stick for things every other game is given a free pass on! that's hypocrisy at its finest!

JoGam1481d ago

Kill Switch had the cover system before Gears. That cover system wasn't done on Gears first.

HammockGames1481d ago

Well said, Lukas.

Honestly, the jaded concern trolling over this game has reached a new level - from media types and fanboys alike.

The Order doesn't release until the back end of February. It's premature to make sweeping judgements, imho - and this "article" is really stretching it.

Speak_da_Truth1481d ago

@Lukas you're spot on bro. I'll use my one bubble just to say that cus its the same thing I was thinking but all I'll say to the haters is keep hating it only makes RaD force themselves to make a better game for us so thank you.

dantesparda1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Funny how Xbox Skull never gets tagged for trolling even with 108 disagrees but i get tagged for off topic for mentioning it (when i only had 2 disagrees). And the same goes for RusselGorrell. I'll probably get marked as off topic again for saying this. Cuz thats N4G for you. You know for a site thats supposedly so Sony fanboy ran, it sure doesnt seem so.

OT: But yeah, the hate for exclusives is always strong. The truth is that there are fanboys everywhere and I dont think we get any unbiased news and opinions from website authors.

For me, this game looks amazing from everything i've seen so far. And well said Peasfor

Godz Kastro1481d ago

Lukas, you have way too many bubbles to be posting a mini book. People usually lose me when this is done. Sorry...

BlackTar1871481d ago

Winback also had the cover system before anything else.

gangsta_red1481d ago

You guys are going way overboard and are busting out the tin foil hats with this "media bias" excuse every time a reviewer has a negative opinion about this or any game that people think they are excited for.

These reviews are here to throw caution to the wind. If every review was cherry and filled with rainbows and the game actually turned out to be crap would you trust them anymore than an honest opinion given here?

The game looks good but honestly everything they have been pushing has only been about graphics. As for story, that's subjective and it could be great or it could be mediocre.

As of now, all I'm seeing is a single player cover shooter game. That is not exciting as Gears single was not it's draw point at all, it was the multiplayer/horde mode that kept me coming back.

A lot of people got on Titanfall for not being a complete game but are giving this game a pass even though this game SCREAMS multiplayer fun. C'mon, Victorian style weapons, werewolves!? Who would want a PvP style match up with those elements?

gootimes1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Awww man, I had high hopes for this game. Maybe it could still be decent, but journalists in general seem to not dig it so far. kind of a bummer.

specialguest1481d ago

You all are overly defensive. I saw the article as throwing caution to the wind. The gameplay I've seen so far seems pretty accurate to what they described in my opinion. This wasn't a review, so calm down.

Ausbo1481d ago

I agree with you to a point. However, isn't it a little scary when legitimate journalists who have played the game also give it mediocre previews?
I understand that a lot of sites are looking for hits and think its cool to "hate" on a game. Say what you will about IGN, but when the playstation guys there are shaky about the game, they could be fair claims.

raymantalk11481d ago

i wonder if this game had been an xbox1 exclusive what these same journalists would have been saying i doubt it would be the same negative remarks.

ShinMaster1481d ago

What is this, 2006?

Gears of War doesn't need to be answered to.

Several third-person shooters have succeeded on their own for years.

Soc51480d ago

Good points, but you gotta admit that it wouldn't be surprising to see this game come out to poor or mixed reviews. I would be surprised if it received general acclaim from gamers. Usually when so many sites, and journalists keep making comments about their doubts about an upcoming game, there's most likely something to it. I would love for this game to be a blockbuster but a lot of people are concerned and I'm not talking about this silly article.

RebelWAC1480d ago

Agree with everything except for the last part. They should simply focus, release the game when it's ready and let word of mouth do the rest like the good ol days.

Great points as usual though. You deserve them bubbles fo'sho.

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badboyz091481d ago

Articles like this are clickbait.

Bennibop1481d ago

XBLSKULL formerly know as Truefan1 your comments are hilarious!

We will find out in Feb if this game is good, bad or average RAD are not giving a lot away about this game and have shown the same section many times, this could be for many reasons but I don't think we should write it off yet!

Sonital1481d ago

Now what do I normally see in other articles at this point?


geddesmond1481d ago

I don't know why people are surprised. New IP plus Sony written on it equals let the gaming media including all these amateur websites and blogs start the hating. It's only tried and proven games like Uncharted that stop the hating. Remember when UC1 came out and a lot of journalists bashed the crap out of that game until it's popularity spoke loader than their hate for Sony.

Gaming media may lie to me a lot but my eyes never lie and this game looks really good to me. As for the Gears comment. Yeah because every third person shooter with a cover system is trying to be the new gears lol. Oh wait only when it's a Sony third person game with a cover system.

Hey look quantum Break is MS second equivalent to a gears game cause its third person and has a cover system. Yeah sure.

Eddie201011481d ago

American business sites doing game reviews is kinda stupid, seems they are always low balling PS4 and it's exclusive games. Forbes anyone.

Eddie201011481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Why do we get PS4 game previews and reviews from business sites, particularly American and UK Business sites. Forbes anyone. DMF's

otherZinc1480d ago

Excellent article!
Spot on!

This is an extremely weak game with no gameplay & all movie.

And again No Campaign Co-op! The Order 1886 has very interesting characters...that do nothing & you can't play with a friend? BS!

I'm glad this reviewer isn't afraid of the Pro-Sony Superfan and wrote the truth!

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-Foxtrot1482d ago

Really? Because the way I see that quote is him trying not to hype up the gameplay in his game by making out that it's something it's not, resulting in people getting disappointed when it's released.

Look how many times FPS games hype up the gameplay and in the end it's just another FPS game with the same standard gameplay seen in all FPS games.

I don't like how people are making assumptions on this game by that ONE level which was made playable.

the_dark_one1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

indeed well said, besides they said from day one that they are not trying to reinvent the third person cover shooter mechanics of the game. they want to tell a story the way they envision it. but i guess people always want to find faults with the games. its like sheep following each other around

Torque_CS_Lewith1481d ago

Seems it is okay to be impressed by a demo/level/beta of a game but a heinous crime to NOT be inpressed by a demo/level/beta.
During the Destiny beta, those that were unimpressed got bombarded by "it is just a beta" comments from those who had been carried away by the hype wave.

Why can't some accept the fact that games are previewed and reviewed for what they currently offer and not what is yet to come?
Why is is such a crime to say "as is, the game is soulless" or "the level I played was unimpressive and boring" ?
Nobody is claiming that the entire game will be uninspired, but what has been played of the game so far is not very impressive according to most previews on N4G.

ger23961481d ago

Its not a crime, and they're entitled to their opinion. But There's a difference between a beta and a single playable level.

GodGinrai1481d ago

"Why can't some accept the fact that games are previewed and reviewed for what they currently offer and not what is yet to come?
Why is is such a crime to say "as is, the game is soulless" or "the level I played was unimpressive and boring" ? "

^^ This.

At the end of the day its only a small slice of the game and could simply have been a case of it probably not being the best section of the game to demo. On the other hand..these kind of article seem to pop up all the time about this game. take that as you will.

Im on the fence TBH. I wont comment too much on it till I have played it myself and seen the reviews. This game seems to be a sensitive topic on here..again..take THAT as you will. I will just state the obvious and say visually it looks the part, in stills.In motion it has smooth animation and it looks great.

qwerty6761481d ago

lol this quote below is you're own words foxtrot. stop being so hypocritical.

you say you don't like people who've played the game giving negative feedback because its only "one level". but you have no problem for people judging the new FF off one trailer.


"People can flaunt the "Wait and see" card all they like but the same happened with Final Fantasy 13

Back then people heard about the changes to the formula and each time the director opened his mouth it got worse and worse. People who were blindly hyped told those people to shut up and that they were being ridiculous. In the end guess who was right."

-Foxtrot1481d ago

You want to know the BIG flaw in your comment

Final Fantasy - A game series which has been going for decades

The Order 1886 - A brand new IP where the studio has never made a console game before

With the screw ups of FF and the way Square Enix have been going over the past few years you can't really give them the benefit of the doubt. With these guys though you can.

BX811481d ago

How is that a flaw? You've seen the order in action as well and many have had hands on. The truth is the dev sounds like he is more focus on visuals driving the experience and that's fine as long as that's what they are shooting for. The gameplay looks basic so if they can't deliver a great story then they're kinda screwed imo. From what I've seen I'm still getting it day one unless some info comes out that I don't like.

methegreatone1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I don't like how people are making assumptions on this game by that ONE level which was made playable."

I don't understand why people keep saying this. Its a demo. It was chosen specifically by the devs to show off some of the game's features. When multiple articles pop up saying that the 15-20 minute demo showcase was boring in a lot of ways, then you'd have to be stupid to say "Oh they are just stupid, making assumptions, and they're really bias too"
I get that you like your exclusives. Sony exclusives get me super excited too (I'm a PC gamer).
Yes, the title is kind of clickbait, and yes, the quote thing was kind of stupid. However, this doesn't mean you get to disregard what so many are saying about the gameplay.
Its funny, when articles exactly like these popped up about Ryse, the majority seemed to go along with them, and hey, Ryse did turn out to be boring, didn't it ? As soon as it has to do with The Order though, its always the author's stupidity or "Why are you judging a game based on a small snippet?"
Its a demo, its meant to showcase the basic mechanics of the game, and the author gave us his personal opinion. If the demo gameplay was boring for him, then chances are the game is going to have the same issue.
Do I know that the game is boring ? No - but if I played a demo myself and found it boring to play, ofcourse I'd be concerned about the full game. Its just common sense

Personally, the game still looks great to me. Love the visuals, the setting especially. I am definitely worried about the gameplay now though. Like someone else commented, I'll just wait and watch Angry Joe's review.

OsirisBlack1481d ago

Its not even a full level its a small ass 4 minute year old alpha build segment of Chapter three inequities .... which may or may not even make it into the final game. It's funny seeing how hard some of the "gaming press" is trying to crap on this game. Going to be buckets of crow served when it releases.

gangsta_red1481d ago

Look at all the other small slices of gameplay we have received so far from other games. And so far those games turned out to be EXACTLY as everyone thought when they played the demo.

I thought Destiny would have taught you that lesson by now.

What game has shown a demo and then when released was completely and totally different from the demo played?

You guys are totally on the super defensive for a game none of you have played for yourself and yet want to challenge the people that already have.

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christocolus1482d ago

I'm a big gears fan but i honestly don't see the similarities with Gears.This is one game where ill be going with my instincts alone..aint saying the journalists don't have a reason to bash the game ( based on what they've played)afterall everyone is entitled to their opinion but as for me ive been following this game since the reveal..I love what Rad is doing(graphics,settings etc) even the demos i've seen aren't bad imo ,this isn't in anyway like heavyrain,there is a lot more action in this game than a standard story driven game&at this point i really don't care what most journalist have to say about it,ill definitly be picking this up at launch just to try it out for myself also we keep saying we need to encourage smaller devs.RAD has made some very cool god of war games in the past and they were among some of the best gow games i've played even on console,they also had very great stories.

This is the first time RAD is venturing into full aa gaming..I don't know about others but ill definitly be supporting them&as lucas said above people need to try it out before passing verdict Sony needs to release a demo on psn so gamers get to try it out for themselves.that would definitly help.

GarrusVakarian1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Kudos for the level-headed comment, christocolus. I wish more Xbox fans on this site were more like you.

BG115791482d ago

Well said... Bubble added.

FlunkinMonkey1481d ago

To be fair you make a lot of level headed comments.

MasterCornholio1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Listen to him people.

He's one of the few Xbox fans that I respect on N4G and that's because he makes really high quality comments instead of the typical fanboy garbage that most of them spew.

Well said.


I love it when people make rational comments that enrich the comment section of N4G instead of intoxicating it. I really wish there were more people like him but instead we get Mr X followers like KNWs, PCBOX, Truefan1 and Lifeisgamesok posting here.


I agree with you.


thereapersson1481d ago

MasterCornholio, I'm pretty sure you just received disagrees from all the people you just listed.


hello121481d ago

[email protected] Wrong, i gave no disagree and i just read it now.

Everyone is a misterx follower if you're an x box fan. This place is just as bad as that place, Sony is perfect around here.

Once again i don't post at misterx so you guys can believe what you like and you can continue believing i have two accounts when i only use this one.

lifeisgamesok1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I follow no one but Phil Spencer, MS and the great games on XB1

About the Order many others have the same impressions including IGN

equal_youth1481d ago

wow.. you summoned them oO now cast the spell to bring them back from where they came from. ^^

MasterCornholio1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )


Well at least you admit worshipping the Xbox brand.




I said Christ is an example of a great Xbox fan and he's no follower of Mr X. He's a pretty rational poster who makes great comments here. Comments that add something rather than cause chaos. I can't say the same for you do and I'm sure many people will agree with me.


Dont worry I have some sweet holy water with me to take care of that.

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Why o why1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Yes, christoculous is definitely a guy I'd listen to even if I sometimes disagree with what he's saying. Glad I'm not in the minority here.. I'm also glad people are giving him his kudos.......ive a sneaking suspicion this isn't his first account but I guess that doesn't matter. This account is cool with me and his positivity is definitely a admirable trait to have.

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ravensly1482d ago

silky smooth cinematic 30fps

WitWolfy1481d ago

Was very stupid of them not to include Co-op. That will def hurt sales in the long run.

It's not as if every gamer who purchased this game is gonna go and finish it 13 times to justify his purchase.

Majin-vegeta1481d ago

NOT EVERY DAMN GAME NEEDS CO OP OR DAMN ONLINE jeezus christ cut that crap out.If you want online or co op there are other titles out there.This is there first full console game and they shouldnt be forced to add any of this if they don't see it fit their vision their game.


So they will play it in co-op 13 times to justify it?

that's a dumb thing to say.

If a game is really good and has a great story etc, people will play it as many times as they feel like just for the enjoyment regardless of co-op/mp game modes.

You only need to justify your purchase when deep down you know the game has not met an expectation.

Of all the games from the last generation my personal favorite IP was Deadspace 1. I finished that game more times then I can without needing co-op or MP.