Gran Turismo 5 w/ $15 Giftcard

Amazon has an outstanding deal on Gran Turismo 5 especially since the game itself is only $40. If you buy it from Amazon, you get a free $15 giftcard to Amazon.

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Sev3826d ago

Agreed, I suggest anyone who hasnt already bought the game gets it for $25. A that price its a steal.

Nick2120043826d ago

yea this is an outstanding deal

iHEARTboobs3826d ago

Just bought Uncharted 2 weeks ago for $40 and I just got this right now. Might use that $15 towards Civ Revolution.

Denges3826d ago

lol i thought u said uncharted 2

iHEARTboobs3826d ago

Now that would be awesome.

Nick2120043826d ago

yea this is perfect for the people who do not have Gran Turismo 5 yet