This is what Alien Isolation looks like on PS3

Screenshots purporting to be of the PlayStation 3 version of Alien Isolation have leaked online.

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Neonridr1479d ago

it'll probably be Colonial Marines all over again and this is actually the PS4 version.. lol

Septic1477d ago

Played it on PS4. Looks impressive on it.

Neonridr1477d ago

I hope so.. I have it on preorder.

Neonridr1477d ago

why do I need to read when it was clearly a joke? Can you understand sarcasm?

If you played or followed Colonial Marines you would know that the nice polished version they showed off clearly disappeared since the turd we received at the end looked nothing like what was previously shown.

I was more or less making light of that situation, but clearly nobody seems to understand the joke.

XB1_PS41477d ago

The game looks way better than Colonial Marines. It has a completely different developer and plot.

Also, this is the PS3 version.

Neonridr1477d ago

I know that, see above post for explanation as to why I said that.

ABBAJESUS1477d ago

Good one! :D I remember my first day with CM forever

Neonridr1476d ago

well you seem to be one of the only people here who understood that joke.. :P


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francisjairam161479d ago

We get it. Its a graphical downgrade because the PS3 and Xbox 360 are too weak. Its not surprising.

ravensly1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

lol console versions are already leaked on torrents. more than 2000 peers. yep only pc has piracy /s

Perjoss1477d ago

I'm going to wait for reviews, it does look very pretty but I played it at EGX and found it really boring.