Total Biscuit Reveals Shady Shadow of Mordor Review Code Deal

With #GamerGate still seeing quite a lot of attention, you'd have thought that developers would try to keep less-than-perfect practises hidden from the general public. Perhaps - in an ideal world - they'd even try to do things by the book, even if just until the controversy has died down. It hasn't happened though, and YouTuber TotalBiscuit has revealed that he was only offered Shadow of Mordor code in return for a paid branding deal.

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Neixus2788d ago

He's just mad he didn't get an early copy

oODEADPOOLOo2788d ago

I think you're just being more cynical than the cynical brit.

Irishguy952788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Nothing wrong with being cynical unless you're British - Replied the drunk Irish man.

xHeavYx2788d ago

Read the article at least, it shows that he got an early copy, and that he rejected the early copy deal

Dee_912787d ago

It wouldn't have been a problem if it was optional..
I bet Kotaku and polygon negotiated money instead of taking the "paid brand deal" lol

lonewolfjedi2788d ago

read the article my friend he still got an early copy by other means.

BiggerBoss2788d ago

I hope that this isn't the reason the game is getting high scores. I guess we'll find out upon release

Enemy2788d ago

If you truly believe that, then you've never played a game by Monolith. Every review has been in depth enough to confirm it as a good game. If you're still not convinced then watch the videos.

BiggerBoss2788d ago

@enemy. You're correct in that I've never played a Monolith game. From the vids I've seen this game just looks like Assassins Creed with a LOTR skin. I truly hope it's an amazing game because I'm a HUGE Tolkien fan.

cell9892788d ago

Im a bigger Tolkien fan than you are, thats for sure. This game will be mine

BiggerBoss2788d ago

@cell I think you underestimate my Tolkien fan-ness;)

styferion2788d ago

the deal is for paid branding deal not for paid review score.. still shady though.

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endzeitkind2788d ago

exactly. its allways the same with tbiscuit

SkippyPaccino2788d ago

I surprisingly got my copie today and the reviewers are right on the ball. Granted I've only played 2 hours, from what I've played and watched from previews, it's a awesome game. (just a little much at first remembering all the system, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it pretty soon)

abstractel2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

It's pretty hookey looking imo for a "new-gen" game. I expect more. Plus every single mechanic in the game except for the nemesis system is ripped off another game (Batman, Assassin's Creed) with less graphical polish.

And the 6GB Vram for Ultra Textures on PCs just seems liek a stupid marketing move to get attention. The texturing in that game isn't even that good (it's been out a few hours anD I both have the game and have seen the videos).

It's enjoyable enough, and I think Gametrailers and others got it right with 8s, but Polygon with 9.5? Get outta here...

SkippyPaccino2787d ago


It's a very enjoyable game, but like you I wouldn't call it a 9.5 of higher (those were probably hard-core LOTR fans)

The only frustrating part I'm finding is that I'm doing all the side missions, to get more powerful for the main missions, but I find that being more powerful while doing the side missions would be more fun. I've only played 4 hours and I feel that by the time I get very powerful the game will be over (that's probably why they have a new game plus)

spoonard2788d ago

He DID get an early copy...Guess you couldn't be bothered to read the article.

Angeljuice2788d ago

Slacker gets offered a paid contract to support something on his pointless slacker channel and a game to play before it is released!!

This is terrible treatment /s.

Why is the idiot whinging? It's not like he had any integrity to begin with.

Angeljuice2786d ago

No, maybe he should just keep his head down and hope nobody bursts his little self-righteous bubble forcing him to get a real job.

Just because he does f-all worth doing for a living he seems to think he has some sort of importance or something. Shut up, say nothing and try to keep your little scam going for as long as possible. There are plenty of suckers out there who will line your pockets for the inane "service" you supply, just count your blessings and stop bitching.

You see, no jealousy, I'm giving him solid, worthwhile advice.

KnightRobby2788d ago

The embargo was September 26th. I uploaded footage of the game on September 28th after the embargo, which is usually allowed. WB Games copyright striked my footage that had commentary. I bought the game, I posted the footage after embargo, AND made sure to include commentary and an introduction with my face. It is unacceptable. Content ID's are one thing, but when you copyright strike...that's uncalled for.

ramiuk12787d ago

i just been playing the full game and its identical to batman but in different setting.

the fighting same
the way you move,sneak,videos of you walking slowly upto someone in videos etc.

still seems great and cant wait until my preorder comes friday.

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TheJacksonRGN2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This should have been listed as a rumor, I don't see any proof of what the guys is stating. All I see is he said, he said. If he had provided screenshots of the PR actually saying so. Leaked emails then I would believe it.

*Edit* Yeah I fail to see how you disagree with this. This guy makes a claim with no actual proof to back it up, yet people are taking it as fact.

dastar1012788d ago

That's because he has a proven track record of being extremely honest with his followers and has always been against this sort of paid advertising.

thricetold2788d ago

So that exempts him from not having to provide actual proof?

That's called liable if its in written word and slander if he spoke it. Dont take my word for it, look it up. Those are serious charges to face with only "im trustworthy" as a defense.

dreamed2788d ago

I thought he got caught out taking back handers a few years ago???.....dont quote me on this mind,it might have been someone else???...

TheJacksonRGN2788d ago

Well, I've never heard of this guy until today so if I see someone making these kinds of accusations I want proof. If he is that trust worthy then he should post the proof along with the accusations. What is he waiting for?

SilentNegotiator2788d ago

"That's called liable if its in written word and slander if he spoke it"

If that's the case, HE can deal with the consequences. In the meantime, "just in case he's lying" isn't a reason to not allow an article about tweets from one of the most popular youtube game journalists out there.

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Idree2788d ago

You honestly don't know who Total Biscuit is?

He is the epitome of honesty in gaming,,,

spacedelete2788d ago

are you sure about that ? i remember him doing a dodgy deal a few years ago. i can't remember what about but the news was everywhere.

Dee_912787d ago

Considering what dastar101 said, he doesn't have a reason to lie afaik.You're not wrong in wanting proof, but I personally take his word for it.You can make a twitter or youtube and ask him to provide proof..

Palitera2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Can someone please explain what means this "paid brand deal" expression?

WeAreLegion2788d ago

We don't know the exact details. We just know it would involve pushing the brand in some fashion. It's not "paid reviews" bad, but it's pretty lame, regardless.

jrshankill2788d ago


If a company wants to give me free games for wearing a shirt with their logo slapped on it.. I would do it.

Clogmaster2788d ago

This has to do more with conflict of interest.

It would be harder to give a negative review to the hand that fed you.

Dee_912787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Of course you would and it would be no issue, but you're not a journalist.

Voozi2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Exactly how it sounds. I give you early access to my game to review. That way once the embargo date is lifted, you'll be one of the first to publish the review.

In return, you then need to brand your site/channel with my ads/content, which I'll pay for of course.

Now put two and two together.

Early review access + me paying you for "branded content" = ?????

Depending on how much you're getting paid (varies by publisher) I'm sure your opinion might be swayed a bit because you wouldn't want to write too harsh of a review that'd upset the publisher which in turn would mean no more branded content dollars for future games.

Palitera2788d ago

Thanks to both of you. +helpful

crazychris41242788d ago

Companies pay you to use their products in videos and speak highly of it.

MultiConsoleGamer2788d ago

I can't support anyone who openly wished that a fellow human being get cancer.

WeAreLegion2788d ago

He told Seanza to get cancer and die. Then, he got cancer.

What a strange occurrence.

scark922788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Never knew that!
Total Biscuit can be a dick but I do respect him in a way and I do hope he gets better!

thehobbyist2788d ago

Except you leave out the part where he apologizes both privately and publicly. And the apology was accepted and everyone moved on.