8 Vita Games I Played at TGS - PSLS

"Sometimes, you play a game and just don’t have much to say about it other than 'Graphics: good, battles: bad' or some other type of brief impression. I’ve found that to be my experience with these eight PlayStation Vita games I played at the Tokyo Game Show. Some take up multiple slides, but here they are, some Vita impressions that just weren’t long enough to justify their own updates." -PSLS

(Some of these are cross-platform with mobile, PS4, and PS3.)

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knifefight1481d ago

To ask some people, you'd say that was 8 more games than the Vita allegedly had!

3-4-51481d ago

* Anybody else notice that ALL the games that would help the Vita sell better are, as of right now, ONLY IN JAPAN.

Especially the RPG's...

Protagonist1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Simply not true, 90% is novel and otome games, only a handfull jrpg´s and actions games, most of them you wouldn´t want to play anyway.

How about looking it up, instead of that old cliché.

Another thing is, lots and lots og games that we get in the west, they never see in JP... of top of my head... No Hotline Miami... non of the Lego games etc...

knifefight1481d ago

Above: At least Lego: The Movie Game will be coming to Japan. Was that one good?

Lifewish1481d ago

The Vita has plenty of games coming Stateside.. It's not as bad as you might think.

nodim1481d ago

This stereotype is clearly very-very old.

3-4-51481d ago

Well the style of games currently available doesn't really appeal to me outside of like 5-6 games, but Japan has good games that COULD be on the Vita.

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Whxian1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

"some game called Final Fantasy VII which is apparently a big deal in this genre."


wanted to know more precise info on zodiac and chaos rings but even for mobile ports that im not expecting much of i probably cant use this "preview" for anything if the person writing doesnt seem to know much about rpgs.

knifefight1481d ago

Re: "the person writing doesnt seem to know much about rpgs."

Not sure if serious....

Whxian1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

half serious because of the final fantasy comment. i dont really know you, or think that i have read any previews/articles from you before but the final fantasy comment just made me think you were either joking or didnt know much about rpgs, in which case to someone that doesnt really care for rpgs, giving any good rpg the "it's boring" treatment is usual. i have seen people throw the controller away because a game like final fantasy x wasnt "a game" to them.

Spotie1481d ago

Your sarcasm detector must be broken...

knifefight1481d ago

Yeah, I would have thought the comment about perhaps the most popular RPG of all time would have been pretty obvious. The internet never ceases to amaze, I guess, haha.

Lifewish1481d ago

I really look forward to a Phantasy Star game here in the States.. miss that series

Scatpants1481d ago

Me too. I feel Phantasy Star is the inspiration for Destiny. Go out get loot come back sell it repeat. I hope it comes to America soon.

HentaiMasterRace1481d ago

All these look interesting.....well maybe not the last one.