Destiny’s content has drastically changed within the last year

Apparently, a considerable amount of content has been altered or cut from Destiny over the course of the past year, including story rewrites and unused features/locations.

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Steve1billion2455d ago

Definitely an interesting read. I wonder if this is more of a common thing nowadays.

DesertFoxJr2455d ago

I would surely hope not. It's not a good trend at all.

NewMonday2455d ago

The scenario is too messy, the content is pre-planned, something like this is not done last minute, the story is just badly told

The most likely explanation is they couldn't figure out a balance between a deep narrative and presesetant online where every player on the field is the same character in the story, so they simply tried to be minimalists, didn't work out.

UltraNova2455d ago



But it can be far simpler than that. Maybe Activison 'forced' them to cut the game and sell it piece by piece(they were forced because they dont like the extra money ;-) ).

We'll see soon enough if Bungie made it to the dev blacklist.

thekhurg2454d ago

There is nothing wrong with this “trend” because Destiny is not a standard game, regardless of how much the narrow minded console gaming community tries to peg it as such. Destiny is a continually changing game focused entirely on the online “MMO-style” experience. There is no “final build” or anything of that nature. Just because they showed/discussed aspects of the game prior to launch does not mean those were meant to be part of the launch experience.
Blizzard talks about final tier raid bosses prior to the launch of their new expansions yet we don’t see them for YEARS after the expansion hits. The situation with Destiny is no different.
Honestly, this game should have never seen a console release, as it’s perfectly clear that the console gaming crowd is incapable of understanding the simple gated progression design that MMO’s have.

extermin8or2455d ago

Well watch dogs had something similar happen to it I fear.

CKPan2455d ago

It will be common thing because gamers embrace this kinda practice.

-Foxtrot2455d ago

They probably havent cut the content all together, they will be using it as DLC sadly.

Not something anyone should support, it's something Capcom would do.

DesertFoxJr2455d ago

Indeed. I have to say I wish they didn't cut it out to be resold as DLC.

Lwhit62455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

This is a downright dishonest, disgusting business strategy. I'm selling my copy of destiny and never touching this game again if they seriously cut content from the full game to later sell it as dlc. No wonder this game is so boring and repetitively awful.

Nolando2455d ago

From what I am reading it looks like they made a huge world and decided to not put in any story or real Lore device.

From the sounds of it Borderlands has a better narrative and story and that doesn't bode well for me.

Mega242455d ago

Or maybe they will roll it out gradually. But knowing how Activision works, its more probable to be DLC.

DesertFoxJr2455d ago

Given Activision's track record, I concur with the latter.

Malphite2455d ago

Actually Activision and EA are even worse than Capcom nowadays imo.

-Foxtrot2455d ago

I basically see Activision and EA the Western equivalent of Capcom and Square Enix

Baccra172455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Wait till Activision releases the "Super Special Turbo Coke a Cola Edition" of Destiny.

On a side not it's not unusual for publishers to hire people to go on message boards,forums, and sites to defend/prop their game up. I wouldn't be surprised if part of that $500 million was allocated to that. Way to many Destiny supporters sound like paid people rather than real people.

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Menkyo2455d ago

Everyone saying they probably will blah blah DLC if you pay attention to the information the 2 DLC already planned are the dark below and the house of wolves. The lock content says requires, you guessed it the dark below and house of wolves.

ScottyHoss2455d ago

What information? Just curious where it says it requires the DLC.

Menkyo2455d ago

Its in the video people jesus actually watch it and pay attention. At the top its says requires either dark below or house of wolves.

ScottyHoss2455d ago

I was paying attention, but not to that, I stand corrected. You should have stated that I'm the first place man

Menkyo2455d ago

You can disagree all you want in the video its say it right on top of each mission when they go over with the cursor.

Gh05t2455d ago

I noticed that as well, but here is my issue. The game is already set up to accept the expansions, is this pre-planning or content already created just delayed release?

Are they already done with the expansions and solely focused on Destiny sequel and we just have to wait to play them? My problem with that is that the game is less than a month old and if the content is already done it should be a part of the game not sold for $40 extra over time.

What did happen to the extra content talked about previously? Will it make its appearance in the sequel? Is that just already created cut content that we will get later?

Too many questions and no ones willing to take the bullet and answer them.

Exies72455d ago

Does anybody know the release schedule for new content with Destiny?

Actually finding myself a bit bored of the game now, a little underwhelming in terms of content. Tired of the same 4 strikes, etc.

BurntWolfAnkles2455d ago

That's my biggest problem with the game, same exact missions over and over to try and level up. I wish the strikes and patrol/random events were different at least. Way too much repetition. Fingers crossed things get better.

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