Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare ‘Legends of the Lawn’ update launching tomorrow

"The next Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare update, dubbed “Legends of the Lawn,” will launch tomorrow and include a new game mode, character variants, customizations, and spawnable reinforcements."

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ChronoJoe1574d ago

Looks fun, this game's great.

3-4-51574d ago

This for Xbox One as well ?

I still have so much to unlock...I love this game.

ChronoJoe1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Yeah, and it increases the resolution on the xbox one version too.

Skate-AK1574d ago

Free update adding a character and level? That is so un-EA like.

RjK311jR1574d ago

I have this on X1 and i have all the Sony consoles too! But this game is so fun! Im 32 and got it for my nephew and we play it so much!!! What a great change of pace, back to basics fun, any one can play shooter!!! Its truly amazing!!! oh and to top it off! POP CAP has been supporting this game a lot with characters, maps, game modes!!! So far DLC has been free!! Only recently did they add micro transactions but its to upgrade faster... To me they have set winnings and in game currency pretty good too... It doesnt take long to add up enough in game currency to buy things some would buy with real money... so again micro transactions are not needed or necessary at all!!! They have managed to do DLC, post-launch support, and micro-transactions/round winnings (currency) all right!!!! I HOPE THIS IS A MODEL FOR FUTURE GAMES FROM ALL DEVELOPERS!!! Micro transactions should only be reserved for upgrading characters faster... such as this game!!! THIS IS A MUST OWN!! IF you dont have it! Get It!!

aragon1574d ago

i couldnt agree more but im already downloading the update, i hope if popcap makes a sequel they use the same model and not make it a micro game

HighlyDoubtful1574d ago

I totally agree, its an amazing game that is a must play IMO. They added microtrans well after launch but its not like other MT models, because you dont "need" to spend real money. As with other games you don't "need" to spend money but they certainly make it almost impossible to succeed otherwise. That is NOT the case in this game; you can level up and get lots of packs if you just play normally!