PS3 Bluetooth Controller Issues?

From Kotaku: "Here's an issue that's been nagging me since I got my PlayStation 3 on Friday. I'm playing Resistance online, and suddenly the map will come up, or the score. I didn't hit the controls to bring these up...they just pop up on their own. Then at times I'll lose control, spin around, or sometimes even fire without wanting to. At first I thought it might be my general suckage at FPS games, but several readers have now complained about similar situations. Doesn't seem to happen when I am plugged in via the USB cable...only when I am wireless, and generally only when I am playing online.

PC-Doc touches on the same issue in his PS3 rant, suggesting it is a problem with the bluetooth screwing up, which makes complete sense. Will I have to just buy a really long USB cable like he did?!

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Grown Folks Talk4346d ago

they will replace just the controller. maybe, but i doubt it. even if so, how long would it take?

D3acon4346d ago

But if you shake the controler to the left or right doesnt that bring up the stats or map on your screen?

EnforcerOfTheTruth4346d ago

Warranty is for every part of the system, inculding cables.

Grown Folks Talk4346d ago

and they are usually going to make you send in the WHOLE system. why would you want to do that? especially if you have another controller, and can still play while the other is being fixed. notice how i didn't say they absolutely wouldn't do it?

testerg354346d ago

Said it might be a problem with the bluetooth?

blackmagic4344d ago

Bluetooth and wifi interfere with each other. Sony approached the problem by using a timeshare technique where only one or the other is in use.

This is the reason that MS is using wifi and a proprietary wireless tech so they wouldn't run into the very issue this article is talking about...

ElementX4346d ago

I've really been enjoying the amusing story photos lately :) I frequently burst into laughter only to get strange looks from coworkers.

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