5 Ways Halo 5's Story Could Blow Us All Away

"343 Industries’ second major entry in Microsoft’s Halo franchise won’t be out on the Xbox One until late next year. That leaves more than enough time to speculate about what comes next for the series’s expansive science fiction universe. "

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aviator1891478d ago

I'm excited to see how the locke/chief storyline plays out. It certainly seems darker as well.

Foehammer1477d ago

Absolutely, so much potential.

ScorpiusX1477d ago

Let all creativity come from within 343 , do not let yourself be inspired by the crap out in retail. Look forward to halo 5 MP beta and the game itself.

KiwiViper851477d ago

Don't think I'll read this article. I've only played Halo 1 on the Xbox, and I can't even remember the story. Always meant to play the rest but never got around to it. So pumped for this collection for the single player aspect alone. Gonna play 1-4 back to back.

RosweeSon1476d ago

You'll not likely want 5 straight after then haha, each to their own but I've got a few Zelda's and a few Mario's built up and uncharted 2 and 3 but I wouldn't just nail off one series unless i was back to them for a bit of nostalgia but unless it's the best of the best and even then talk about overkill it's why I've stopped playing call of duty and why I can't bring myself to start assassins creed black flag let alone buy it my mate even offered me a free copy to borrow just can't be bothered there's so much variety out there that it's good to mix it up play one game come back to it go off play something random come back to it, they were released years apart for a reason, it's not like it's the godfather trilogy story wise ;)

KiwiViper851476d ago

I tend to get through my games quite quickly, ill be nearing 4000 Gamerscore in a couple months, but definitely be finished by witcher3. I never play a game, go to something else and come back. If I stop playing its all over, I didn't like it.

Gaming247allday1476d ago

Well it will sure as hell be better than Destiny's vague story, what the hell happened to Bungie? lol

MaxwellBuddha1472d ago

They left Microsoft, which was responsible for every major directional decision in the Halo franchise. Bad decision.

Bungie wanted to make Halo an RTS originally. Destiny is the result of what happens when mediocre developers are given too much money and left with creative control.

lunatic00011476d ago

I can't wait for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.