Watch How the Power of the PS4 Improved Tearaway Unfolded in 20 Minutes of Charming Gameplay Video

Media Molecule charmed everyone at E3 with Tearaway Unfolded, and yesterday they had a developer session at EGX 2014 in which they shown a large chunk of absolutely charming gameplay and explained how the power of the PS4 and its controller allowed them to radically expand and improve.

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Darkwatchman1481d ago

I never played it on vita, so I need to get that before the ps4 iteration to get a better sense of what exactly is new and what is the same

christian hour1481d ago

I was all geared up to buy a Vita just for Tearaway, but now I can hold off on spending food/bills money on a vita since this is coming to PS4 now :D WOO!

10 years ago I bought a PSP just for Loco Roco :P

Kayant1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

The depth of field and AA looks really nice. No shimmering/jaggies. I have wanted to always play it after the feedback from the PS vita version but don't really like handheld gaming will definitely look into it when I get my PS4.

Bennibop1481d ago

Played this game on the Vita and cant wait to play it on PS4. Fantastic game!

Agheil1481d ago

The video isn't there for me :-/

Kayant1481d ago

Check here later on it's uploaded here -

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