Konami Working With Microsoft To Increase PES 2015 XOne Resolution, But says "720p Still Very High"

PES European Brand Manager has issued an interesting update in PES 2015 resolution-gate controversy between PS4 vs Xbox One.

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OC_MurphysLaw2390d ago

PES2015 not running 1080p on X1 is 100% lazy dev in this instance given we see their competitor in FIFA running at 1080p on the same machine and doing as much or more in game.

Kayant2390d ago

Oh you know it could be something else... Such as the way the engine is setup resulting in bottleneck because of XB1's architecture. Which based on evidence is the likely reason because of Esram size.

OC_MurphysLaw2390d ago

Very true, but it's extremely difficult not to think that when you see their main rival coming out with a game that manages to pull off 1080p

Gazondaily2390d ago

In fairness to Konami, PES 2015 looks a lot more detailed than Fifa. Someone put up some really good comparison pics that hammer the difference home.

ThePope2390d ago

PES is more detailed zoomed in. I like many play with the camera zoomed way out and at that distance FIFA looks much better. The pitch alone in FIFA is dynamic, where it is not in PES. There have been several gameplay comparo videos done on YouTube (all of which were based on the demo version of each game) and the visuals of FIFA 15, win out.

My point, I'm sure you're wondering is I think perhaps the new FOX engine is struggling with the X1 especially when you consider not one other sports game is sub 1080 on the console. I won't call people lazy as we live in a world of finite resources but I think the engine may be struggling with the hardware.

yezz2390d ago

Could you show the details that make 720p unachievable? Both have their pros, for example the grass is much better in Fifa, it even wears out and "bends" when players step/slide on it.

yezz2390d ago

I meant 1080p in my first comment of course..

hello122390d ago

Look Ryse is an example of what can be achieved on the xb1.

Ryse was 900p and is still considered by the critics to be one of best looking games on console ever. Crytek were using a SDK that was difficult to work with.

So are you telling me a soccer game can't go above 720p, on x box 1.

Software_Lover2390d ago

Ryse was 30fps........... sometimes.

Bennibop2390d ago

Don't think Ryse is a good comparison as its not multiplatform. Fifa managed parity but to be honest I think this is an issue with the Fox engine working on X1.

SniperControl2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yeah, you are right Ryse is a good looking game, but it struggled big style framerate wise, dropping below 20fps quite often, i remember playing it at my mates house, annoyed the hell out us.

Deathdeliverer2390d ago

You also have to remember that only main characters in RYSE were highly detailed, which ended up being maybe 8- 10 people total. Enemies are not a main attraction however and they all were clones and looked like shit. You would literally fight the same 7 enemy types for the duration of the game. On top of that, 3 would look the EXACT SAME while you were fighting them. This isn't Final Fight or Streets of Rage. In a soccer game EVERY character is the main attraction so they all have to be high res, smoothly animated, and at the same time. That's whats confusing some of you. Ryses trade was everything but the Hero looks mediocre. Can't afford that in any sports game. Can't wait to see a fully next gen boxing game though. With just 3 people to go all out on it should be phenominal.

DigitalRaptor2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yeah… and Ryse made some absolutely horrible compromises to reach a level of fidelity on the main character models. Keep pretending the resolution is the only factor into Ryse's mediocrity.

The performance was godawful.

The environments were corridor and not hugely impressive compared to the main character models.

The enemies you fight were simply clones of the same classes and not that detailed.

Crytek is what Crytek does.

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hkgamer2390d ago

they are different engines so cant really compare. also ea is massive compared to konami, they have more resources.

anyway. read on gaf(i know they are not experts) and they mentioned it was due to the esram and the low bandwith it has. fox engine apparently uses deferred rendering instead of forward rendering which needs a high bandwidth.


heres a good read, its simple enough for me to understand.

ABizzel12390d ago

Different Engines & Different Developers.

The PS4 also has 2x the ROPs and almost 2x the GigaPixel/s output as the XBO, which simply makes 1080p a much easier target.

Most developers said Sony has been a great help and had solid tools day 1, I can't find anything on developers commenting on the XBO tools.

It also boils down to sales. PES sold best on PS3 by a good margin all last gen, the PS4 has dominated EU, and compared to the XBO it's dominating JP. Those are the regions where PES sells best, so if it came down to which a time crunch and version should get the most support.

MS is going to have to step in more and prevent issues like this from happening on a wide scale. The PS4 simply has the better GPU, and the GPU the XBO uses is recommended for 900p gaming (R7 260), and when they downclocked it to reduce heat and TDP it also weakened it to the HD 7770 levels. The GPU in the PS4 is recommended for 1080p gaming even with it's downclock (R7 265+). So it's going to happen a lot more often than not.

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GarrusVakarian2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

"But says "720p Still Very High""

Lmfao. Still "very high" compared to what, 480p?

"why would sales be poor because of resolution? i'd buy a 480p football game if it was amazing! **1080p does not mean quality**"

Sure it does - image quality.

Pathetic damage controlling from that dev. Almost as pathetic as their job with this game on the X1.

iistuii2390d ago

Their loss. If they ever want to even begin to try get the football crown back, they had better come out with something more than that. From what I've played of the demo, PS4 demo, it's not going to take many Fifa fans away, especially Xbox ones who will just not buy a substandard version when they could have the main competitor in 1080p.

caughtinyourwords2390d ago

So the main competitor is 1080p, but that does not mean that it needs to be a better game, although in this case it looks like it is. But really, resolution is not a big deal, i've been playing in 640p for the last 10 years and i've enjoyed these games as much as everybody else. Also, i've had more fun in FIFA World Cup 98 than in any other fifa game that followed after 2003. I just wish Destiny was in 480p and had a fucking story and less grind, but hey, a 1080p piece of crap is great.

aviator1892390d ago

It'd certainly be interesting if microsoft's resources and aid can help get the game to 1080p. It's worked with other games, so I wouldn't rule out the same thing happening here as well.

Toiletsteak2390d ago

I am confused does that mean the 360 and PS3 version of PES will be lower then 720p

Assassingamer1362390d ago

Ps3 version was confirmed 720p as well, not sure about the 360 version

tuglu_pati2390d ago

So Ps3 is the same as the XBO at 720p, cant believe there are people on this thread defending this dev, there is not excuse for this game been the same on PS3 and XBO when clearly the XBO is much more powerful, whoever think otherwise is just blind.

Assassingamer1362390d ago

Yep it is the same resolution and FPS. I think it has to more with fidelity and textures as they will stronger on the xbox one but I do agree that there is no excuse for the developers