PS4 Teen Horror Until Dawn Is So Bad That It's Scarily Good - Push Square

Push Square: "David Cage makes games that aren’t supposed to be funny, but sometimes wander into the realm of comedy anyway. The Parisian auteur, who’s perhaps best known for PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, tends to discuss Quantic Dream’s ‘emotional’ output in a very self-serious manner – and yet, scenes such as ‘Jason, Jason’ often undo all of his hard work."

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Ryan7411482d ago

Looks good, that's all that matters.

JamieLeeC931482d ago

Oh so the story and gameplay don't matter at all?

equal_youth1482d ago

Badly written piece of ...

This is not a preview more of a opinion piece.

WeAreLegion1482d ago

I'm happy this is getting good previews. Supermassive doesn't have the best track record. I certainly enjoyed Tumble and the Start the Party games, but most wouldn't consider them "great" by any stretch of the imagination. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock was not a good game, however.

So, I'm still cautious about Until Dawn. I am optimistic, however. I want to see this fairly young team start their AAA career off on the right foot. :)

_LarZen_1482d ago

Loved Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. So it's a big chance I will like this one. On my buy list for sure.

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