People in China Actually Lined Up for the Xbox One

Eric Jou - I'll be the first to admit it: I didn't expect it to happen. But now, Microsoft has proven me wrong. The Xbox One is China's first official video game console in 14 years and, as of today, it is officially on sale.

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Webbyy1482d ago

Interesting. Good for the gamers of China. Consoles should have never been banned. I hope Nintendo and Sony follow.

Dlacy13g1482d ago

Its exciting to see what amounts to a new huge market opening up to the industry and more importantly that there is genuine interest from gamers in that market.

On a side note, if China really explodes Japan could quickly get kicked to the curb given their Luke warm buying of consoles these days.

Why o why1482d ago

Something like that would span generations. Cant see that happening as straight forward as that.

New markets is definitely an exciting prospect though. Lets see how the console makers fair

ABizzel11482d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

And once again I was usual.

There were a lot of strong points against China (piracy being the main one), but with nearly 1/5 of the entire world's population living in one country (over 1 BILLION people) there had to be some kind of presence for gaming over there. Even if 1% of the country are gamers that's still 10 million potential buyers, and instantly puts them in the same boat as Japan's console market.

We'll see how well MS will do, and that'll determine how quickly PS and Nintendo get over there. It was a good move by MS to be first and establish a presence over there (although they needed it the most).

Like I said China has the potential to become the 3rd big power in the console consumer market, knocking Japan out of the top 3. But Japan will always be in the top 3 as a developer.

High risk = High reward / Potential losses

Depending on your plan of execution, and the quality of your product you can tilt the scales heavily in favor of either of the two outcomes. China was a risky bet, but hopefully it pays off for MS. Now they need to double down on the US, the UK, and China.

Nekroo911481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

You're right, but is the market really open? Because most games are banned in China, so theres no system seller games like Halo or Gears of War.

I can see Ps4 having sucess over there with f2p games like Kingdom hunder fire, but the bro console not a chance.

Time will tell

Theres no right for a goverment to tell what games we are allowed to play

Thehyph1481d ago

Huawei or Lenovo will probably come up with their own solutions to soak up their domestic market if these game consoles reach success there.

"And once again I was usual."
That's a party foul. No one likes the self serving ego.

Septic1481d ago

"That's a party foul. No one likes the self serving ego"

Tell that to all the rappers we have these days. Or Floyd Mayweather. Or John Cena. Or Johnny Bravo.

Codey471481d ago Show
Dee_911481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Entertainers to random dude commenting on internet.. Dude has serious superiority complex. He sent me an 5k worded message in pm talking about nothing and ended it off by saying
"Don’t bother replying back either, I’ve blocked your ignorance so it won’t infect my computer with a virus."

OT great for the Chinese I guess.I don't understand why people are shocked?

4Sh0w1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I don't know why its such a surprise, X1 is a great console and China has been cut off from consoles for 14 years or whatever so I'd imagine whether they are mostly PC focused country or not there is still alot of folks who want a home console and unlike some regions there is no built in loyalty based on past brand experience. I imagine all consoles should do well there.

They censor games like COD, so there's more work to do but they do have some good games coming:

XBLSkull1481d ago

Naw, China is still bitter over the Nanking Massacre. The PS4 stands zero chance there.

Kingthrash3601481d ago

Lol youbdo realize the Chinese have missiles aimed at America right now right. They been aimed at us for years.....nit to mention the money we owe and the fact they hate American products.
Dont get me wrong they hate japan too but dont go thinking they love America.

darthv721481d ago

PS4's popular 'violent' games would also come under the same withholding restrictions as the XB1's. So no bloodborne, killzone, infamous.

nintendo might have a couple of games that could not release there. Bayonetta perhaps but because nintendo already oversees the content of the games released then it might not be as bad for them when it comes to censoring games.

UltimateMaster1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

If I didn't had any consoles in 14 years, I'd be happy to grab whatever gets released.

I highly doubt political rivalry among countries would drive customers away from buying any product.

China makes cheap solar panel, but America doesn't want to import them, therefore, progress is stalled.

By the way, by next year or 2, China's economy will be superior to the Americans like they were before the 1800s before the industrial revolution.

mikeslemonade1481d ago

This still doesn't convince me because the console is still expensive their. I figure it will sell like how much it is in India. So not much sales I expect.

mkis0071481d ago

Sony can still salvage this by releasing as quickly as possible and at a significantly lower price. Really hope for their sake they get on this.

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Septic1482d ago

Wow. I'm genuinely shocked here. I did not see this happening at all. Well I guess I was wrong; there is a market for consoles in China.

Fair play. Good luck MS.

Ballsack1482d ago

14 years without a gaming console.... Not shocked at all..

Whatever console was released first there..there would be queues

Sony missed a trick here an this just might work in microsofts favour if they have the rumored 3 months head start there to themselves..

China could be microsofts saving grace with the amount of people over there

hello121482d ago

You can't predict a market like this and that was the first mistake Sony fanboy's made.

They thought it would be like Japan, but Chinese gamers are more westernised than people think. They love the games we like.

I would lower expectations though Microsoft launched with 10 games and most of the games, are family friendly, so the Chinese gamers who want to play action games. may not turn up to buy the x box one.

Neverwinter and Forza would be two of biggest games on the list, that would help.

ger23961481d ago

With a billion people, odds are there would be some people who would want to buy it.

Volkama1481d ago

The first mistake Sony fanboys made was the same mistake Microsoft fanboys made, and the same mistake Nintendo fanboys made, and the same mistake PC fanboys made.

They became fanboys.

Eonjay1481d ago

I'm not really shocked. We still don't know how well it did or if specifics will be announced or if thats something the government does?

Septic1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )


Post of the day


"We still don't know how well it did or if specifics will be announced or if thats something the government does?"

Well no is claiming that its a runaway success. We're just commenting on what we're seeing and that's pictures of massive queues of people forming to buy the Xbox One.

"or if thats something the government does?""

What's that? Make people queue up to buy Xboxes? I don't follow...

jrshankill1481d ago


Nice to see someone can hold their hands up. Bubbled up.

It is great though to visit this thread and laugh at all the market analysts...

Well done good sirs, you look like absolute jackasses now.

Eonjay1481d ago


I am talking about straight numbers. How will we know what it does or rather who is responsible for reporting numbers. Think about it this way: We get number in the US from NPD. Who gives numbers for China is what I am asking. Do they have a consumer survey agency like that or is it something the government handles itself?

I was trying to find out if someone had insight.

Kidmyst1481d ago

If my only choice in a console was a Wii I'd line up to buy it if consoles were banned here for 14 years. good on China for finally releasing the ban, hopefully they allow more consoles to go on sale.

DigitalRaptor1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )


The mistake? The mistake was firmly telling you that no amount of hopeful theory about the amount of countries both consoles have released in have any grounding on the position of both consoles in the global market?

Your steadfast theory is that PS4 is so far ahead because of the difference in countries released. The thinking man's theory is that PS4 will slaughter in ANY country it's released in. And China is not going to change the score for Xbone any more than US sales will.

But this is good news for that region, and good to see people happy after 14 years of not having a console to legally buy.

Automatic791481d ago


Not sure why you are shocked. Gaming culture/existence will thrive were ever you put it. Plus Xbox one has over 70 games going through the process of approval gamers in China and all over the world ask for the same thing games. Bring it on and jump on.

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lelo2play1482d ago

"People in China Actually Lined Up for the Xbox One"

Honestly, I didn't expect that.

Volkama1481d ago

Me neither, I thought ettiquete would be totally different over there. Queuing sucks.

In my fanciful imagination I thought they were more advanced and sophisticated, so assumed they would all have their consoles delivered by flying drones.

Or maybe the opposite, that the triads would engage in pistol warfare and hijack the delivery trucks.

But yeah, forming orderly queues. You disappoint me, China.

Gamer19821481d ago

no console at all for 14 years meaning zero competition? Be real.. Plus they have 4X the population than the entire USA combined. So not hard to get those kind of numbers on launch day.

1OddWorld1481d ago

People in china are always in line. They could have mistaken the XB1 line with the find a wife line.

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otherZinc1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I had zero doubt, the XBOX ONE would be a success. None!

Gamer19821481d ago

Wait didnt it get delayed???

OmegaRugal1481d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft beat them to the punch.

ITPython1481d ago

Even if these photos make it look like a lot of people lined up/showed up, it's actually miniscule when you put China's gigantic population in perspective. A line of about 100 people here in the US roughly equates to nearly 700 people in China.

Oh well MS probably still considers it a success, as I bet they shipped a few million over there to pad their 'shipped through' numbers up a bit.

Retroman1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

but-MS-will-some-how-use-this -against-SONY-in-sales.
I-can-see-it-now......"M S-surpassed-SONY"-articles .



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Ksar1482d ago

Really? I would have been shocked if this didn't happen.

Artista 1482d ago

Tut tut.. Folks here will be disappointed.

Shocking. Gamers want an Xbox.

Sonital1482d ago

More like people want choice? And people on this site get unhappy when it doesn't match their choice.

Automatic791481d ago

@ Sonital well said. My choice is Xbox One.

dantesparda1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

And mine a PS4.

ravensly1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

because they simply dont have an xbox one. they cant afford one or dont want to. they only have ps4. but some people will simply reply me saying i have both consoles and gaming pc but i will play on my ps4 because they hate pc or xbox one.

Xsilver1481d ago

wellllllllllllllllllll it's not like the Ps4 and WiiU are an option in China at the Moment so the Chinese gamers don't have allot of choices really.

ricochetmg1481d ago


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Cherchez La Ghost1482d ago

Despite all the "Doom & Gloom" for the X1, this is good to see. I hope they continue to listen to the community and deliver some good games in their library over in China.

Mrtemper1482d ago

Neverwinter is a step in the right direction.

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