FIFA 15 sold 100,000 more copies on PS4 than Xbox One in UK - Report

The PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 15 outsold the Xbox One version by 100,000 units in the UK, according to a new report.

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Lucreto1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Last week Amazon made their own bundle with the PS4 and Fifa 15 which was 2 spots higher than the official Xbox One bundle on the bestsellers list. The Xbox bundle is £20 cheaper as well.

Rdeal1481d ago

An insider tell us, what a load of crap

Dudebro901481d ago

They're more ps4s in UK than Xbox that makes sense...

Quality journalism right here folks.

PeaSFor1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

when the wii was dominating last gen.....multiplatform games wasnt selling more on it....

so, wheres your god now eh?

Quality rationalization right here folks.

Tedakin1481d ago

That's because multiplatform games on Wii were 480p and had Gamecube graphics. Who would buy COD on Wii over Xbox 360 if they had a choice.

PeaSFor1481d ago

doesnt matter if i follow dudebro logic, btw im not saying that i dont agree with you.

Sonital1481d ago

Careful, that's logical.

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The story is too old to be commented.