Video Game Releases for the Week of 09/29/2014

Over 15 games are launching this week across all of the major platforms. Find out what titles are releasing for the week of September 29, 2014 in North America right here.

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lemoncake1571d ago

Out of all the games releasing this year falling skies the game is by far the one i am most hyped about, graphics and gameplay are out of this world and look like you are actually inside the series. This has got sleeper hit written all over it, even before getting it i give this game 10/10 and goty award. There is simply no way this game could disappoint, naughtydog take note this is how you make a game.

WeAreLegion1571d ago

You're supposed to put /s at the end.

Max_Chiasson1571d ago

Hahahaha, you sir are a genius