Mass Effect Allows Only Three Installs

It has come to gamers' attention that the digital rights management software included in the PC version of Mass Effect only allows three lifetime installations even if the user uninstalls the game.

This was confirmed by a tech support representative at EA who stated that no additional activations are given if the user uninstalls the game. Those who have reached their three install limit must contact EA technical support to request additional activations.

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Vojkan3869d ago

Is this a joke? Boycot this sh!t!

gaffyh3869d ago

This is stupid, there will be a hack out for this within a week of release.

Ghoul3869d ago

thats it

i finally boycott ea on the pc in general, it cant be that they cripple our rights down the the least legal state

Leathersoup3869d ago

Not just the PC. Boycott them on all fronts. That's the only way they'll feel the sting.

nice_cuppa3869d ago

how many times are you going to need to install 1 game !

its about time pc gamers payed their way.

its the platform with the cheapest games...... but still has the most piracy.

every one i know who claims to be a pc gamer....
never buy games unless they have to.

shiny silver discs everywere !

DaddyDC6503869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Have you ever thought about the folks that format their computers from time to time? Only allowing 3 installs is a freakin joke! Don't get me wrong, I'm against pirating games but c'mon!!! This game DESERVES to be pirated! Down with EA!!!

Bigbangbing3869d ago

if my pc crash up 3 times and i need to install Windows all over again and again,now you don't see this as problem?

or i just want to try it on my friends PC's,now you don't see this as problem?

Bigbangbing3869d ago

WTF??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????

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The story is too old to be commented.