US PlayStation Store Update

So it time for a new update of the PlayStation Store here's what we going to have today:

NCAA Football 09 Demo
Hail To The Chimp Demo
Wolf Of The Battlefield Commando 3 Demo

Metal Gear Database

Fatal Inertia EX

Games Trailers
Golden Axe Beast Rider Teaser
Pain Character Intro Trailer
Fatal Inertia EX Trailer
Linger In Shadows Trailer
Prince of Persia Debut Trailer

Add Ons
Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Oceania Course
The Incredible Hulk Downloadable Content
GH3 Legends of Rock Coldplay Track Pack
Rock Band Track Pack

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wolfehound223826d ago

Good update can't wait to check out the meral gear database

Daver3826d ago

i dont know who cant disagree with you, surely a fanboy that cant play MGS4

Anyway i cant wait to check it too, that and Linger of shadow!

Wise Rant Monkey3826d ago

<What is this Metal Gear Database?)

heyheyhey3826d ago


the MG saga explained basically, and the spoilers for MGS4 are blackened out if you save data doesn't show that you've completed the game yet :)

good stuff

Cicinho3826d ago

I randomly disagree with people just to watch them cried about being disagreed with.

Genesis53826d ago

Well that's kind of childish isn't it?

Cicinho3826d ago

No actually I think its rather childish if someone cries about being disagreed with. God forbid anyone who disagrees with someone on N4G....

heyheyhey3826d ago

Cicinho has a point

the disagrees mean nothing

it's funny to watch people get their knickers twisted because OH NOHS SOMEONE CLICKED DISAGREE!!!!!!!!!!

Kholinar3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

"Cicinho has a point

the disagrees mean nothing"


Three types of idiots in the disagree realm (in descending order of idiocy):

1. Those who get too upset about the disagrees
2. Those who post disagrees without posting an argument.
3. Those who disagree with something that can't be disagreed with, e.g. "I ate a banana this morning" (6 disagrees)

Seriously, what's the point of clicking disagree? You don't voice your argument, you don't accomplish anything. You can easily be misconstrued. It's like write in voting where you forget to leave a name.

iHEARTboobs3826d ago

Yeah, i'm going to download that database also.

As for the Linger in the Shadows trailer, is it an actual game? I thought it was a tech demo. Someone clue me in..

Daver3825d ago

@ 1.9

We dont know what is it really, i think its kinda like an interactive tech demo or somethign like that.. but it looks nice, cant wait for the "full" or playable version :)

Bleucrunch3825d ago

Yea I cant wait to check these downloads when I get home.

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whateva3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

my PS3 is like a arcade , media center so much stuff inside it.

EDIT: how can some fools disagree with me saying it's time to upgrade my HD? lol get a life

SeanScythe3826d ago

I just upgraded my 60gig to a 320 and it's so nice to not have to worry about filling it up.

iHEARTboobs3826d ago

Cicinho probably disagreed with you.

SKullDugger3826d ago

Its 360 owners crying out for HELP!!

DJ3826d ago

Only got 19GB left on my 60GB PS3, and I don't even have any media stored on there. It's all downloaded games and game data/installs.

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BigKev453826d ago

Yeah, it is a good update.

dantesparda3825d ago

Wasnt you a big 360 fanboy? are you just messing with us, or are you being serious?

OoLegendoO3826d ago

Nice, thats the way, not like the EU update -_-

( Is there some disagreeing fanboy ? )

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