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"Vex takes on Bungie’s Newest Game. The competitive and Cooperative aspects of Destiny are broken down in this review." -Play Legit

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DeadRabbits1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I have had more edge of the seat moments with this game then any I can remember especially during strike missions.

It gets a 90 deadrabbits out of 100 from me!

Torque_CS_Lewith1570d ago

I'd sooner trust an Activision or Sony PR employee regarding this game than you Deadrabbits. That's how little credibility you have.

Tedakin1570d ago

Tonight some friends and I decided to take on one of the Queen's hard missions in order to further search for Light armor to level up our characters to finally be able to do the Raid. I'm only level 21, but my friends are 28, which meant I would be able to enter the Queen's level 24 mission with them. But before we were able to do the mission, the game told us we had to complete a mission we didn't want to play before we could play the one we did.... just because.... So we accepted the first mission, a bounty, which took us back to Earth to once again for the third time complete the first mission of campaign where you acquire your warp drive. So the Queen's bounty was to replay the first mission of the game and get a warp drive for our ship that already has a warp drive. Makes sense... in Destiny. After completing that mission.... again.... We were finally able to take on the Queen's REAL mission which was to go to Venus and take out the Gatelord... You know... That mission you already did in the campaign. Again. Kill that same Gatelord on that same level because that's the best the Queen could come up with. Well, drenched with excitement we fought our way through the hordes of Level 24 baddies, finally taking down that Gatelord.... again. Finally the victory screen appeared and the completely random spinner came up rewarding both of my friends with Legendary helmets and me.... with nothing. NOTHING. Why? Because I'm Level 21 trying to pay a Level 24 mission? What sense does that make? I can only get a prize for playing a mission on my Level. I just beat a mission 3 levels ABOVE my level. Isn't that worth of a goddamn helmet? So I spent an hour beating 2 missions I already beat hoping to find some light armor (none of which ever dropped over the 2 missions because the Random Destiny Gods weren't on my side) knowing that if I made it through at the very LEAST I'd get a nice piece of armor at the end for successfully completing this Level 24 hard mission... Nope. an hour, 2 missions, not one fucking inch closer to this Raid (which better be the best goddamn thing ever made at this point).

Actually I'm done with Destiny. It's the most bizarrely broken AAA game I've ever played. It's sort of incredible.

bacrec11570d ago

They screwed you over big time.