Destiny, CoD: Ghosts And PSN Servers Down With DDoS Attack, Hacker Lizard Squad Takes Responsibility

Bungie's Destiny servers are down on all platforms, and notorious hacker group Lizard Squard have taken the resposibility of it. The hacker group just few minutes ago posted on their official Twitter account that they have taken down the servers of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Destiny with DDoS attack.


Update: Bungie via their official Twitter account admitted Destiny Servers are down and they are working on to fix it.

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EvilWay2546d ago

Really getting sick of these kids. About to find them and throw some hands

Owvi2546d ago

This is just another nail in their coffin.

nicksetzer12546d ago Show
camel_toad2546d ago

Have they even stated why they are targeting these specific games/servers? Is it just because theyre high profile games or do they have a vendetta or something?

Kingthrash3602546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

No vendetta.....just peel-holes with a pc and no life.
Smh, I simply dislike it when people bother others for attention.

donthate2546d ago

To be fair, the servers were already down for me before the DDOS. Their shit game, Destiny, constantly disconnects anyhow.

DeadRabbits2546d ago

Lizard Squad

The most uncool NERDS ever!

sinjonezp2546d ago

Am I alone on this , thinking that always online games are a word I will not use that begins with SH? Really, I was in the middle of a boss battle on destiny when it went down. I have to repeat process. I really believe that gamers will start turning away from products that you cannot even get past the start screen if you not connected. Personally, online parts should strictly be optional. Main story, side missions should be structured to have playability solo. If you want to do co op, fire teams, etc, okay, ill connect then. But the entire experience, hell, even editing your characters, looking at other content should be accessible no matter! Its frustrating and I hope more gamers back that up or devs will continue to F us. Just like not being able to play MY PLAYER on 2k. Not involving anyone else yet I cannot play because your sorry servers are down. Smh spread the word, and speak from your pockets.

XBLSkull2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Another example of why I would never pay money for a PS+ account. I'll stick with my free one while you work on that service outage thank you very much. Just checked Xbox Live and it is running perfect if anyone needed to know.

Volkama2546d ago

Destiny does disconnect or fail to connect in the first place all too often.

I hope major third party publishers start using Azure. It is there ready to go, and better than anything they put together themselves.

n4rc2546d ago

Ya.. The game likes kicking you to orbit all the time..

And for the comments about online not working... Look at financial systems for trading etc.. You can have secure reliable connections that idiots like this can't touch..

But it costs money.. And they probably can't justify the costs on a game service that shouldn't need that level of security.

BX812546d ago

Is this the sequal to revenge of the nerds?

frenchtoast2546d ago

Just...why?? Get a life DDosers

UltraNova2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

@4Sh0w below (my bad)

So how many other '230 billion + ' mega-corps do you know that have risen to that level all in good/legal business practice?

Please dude dont bother. Its easier to defend Hannibal lecter of 'indulging'in cannibalism than defending MS when it comes to questionable practices

Kidmyst2546d ago

Sounds like kids butt hurt they aren't good at playing anything and need to ruin the fun for everyone else. they are taking their ball and going home. Get them a club Penguin account, might be more up their alley.

Mulletino2546d ago Show
buttclown2546d ago

I don't know if it has anything to do with it but the past couple days I have been getting this centipede error when I login, or choose character, or during missions or pvp. Pretty much whenever it damn well feels like it. Anyone know if this has anything to do with it?

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Future_20152546d ago ShowReplies(20)
AngelicIceDiamond2546d ago

They're doing this because they can.

Bunch of no life's, wasting their time, talents and lives on taking down services all day.

Our generation truly has some stupid people...

SilentNegotiator2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Other generations simply didn't have the internet to express their directionless malice.

Violence is way down ( ), internet haterz are way up.

DragonKnight2546d ago

DDoS attacks require absolutely no talent.

UltraNova2546d ago

...and rather targeted against Sony somehow even if others tried to make everything controlled via the internet and we all know how much hackers love their freedom when it comes to the internet...

Oh MS you cheeky you...

ScottyHoss2546d ago

Corporate warfare isn't unheard of, and it would be a great way to cover it up by getting hacked too but for less time.

Not hating MS but it is a tactic and it is very possible.

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gootimes2546d ago

Didn't they catch these guys already?

killacal132546d ago

These guys have plenty of time in their hands.

TheSaint2546d ago

It's not the corporations that suffer, it's the gamers. Go die you infantile, hacker pieces of s***.

TheSaint2546d ago

Maybe not but you sure are pedantic.

Magicite2546d ago

such a waste of talents, they could have worked in some well respected IT organization instead.

Malphite2546d ago

Meh. Don't overestimate those kids. They've probably programmed a botnet and know how to use proxy-servers properly. That's about it. To be fair that's more than most similar groups know. It's nothing to write home about though.

I have a homepage that got DDos'd by some idiot that didn't know he has to turn off all kinds of scripts because some of them will easily bypass the proxy server. He got a nice message from me the next day.

1OddWorld2546d ago

You think Anonymous could find these little pricks and set them straight.

ShadowWolf7122546d ago

Lately I don't think Anonymous could find their own ass with a map.

Too much infighting.

spacedelete2546d ago

this is what happens when the game is online only. it only benefits Bungie and Activision yet so called "gamers" defend this. have fun looking at loading screens and eventually when they shut off their servers.

CuddlyREDRUM2546d ago

I imagine they are very scared.

Muzikguy2546d ago

I'd like for them to come out of their basement one day and say hello to all the friends they've made

solar2546d ago

id be more pissed having to sign in to Xbox Live or PSN to play on console. easy target, once down, you are fucked with a proprietary internet.

ITPython2546d ago

While it is annoying that the servers are down, this does shed a lot of light on the gigantic downside of an always online game (or always online anything). Access to servers on the internet is not guaranteed, and neither is our connection to the internet. It can go down at any time and stay down for any length of time. We should never lean too hard on the internet, cause it can give away at any time, leaving us tumbling to the ground if it was our only support mechanism with no backup plan.

If this keeps happening again and again with Destiny and people really start getting ticked that they can't play (or lose tons of progress), because Bungies servers are down, there is a possibility that Bungie will swallow their pride and make it possible to play the game offline.

These DDOS script kiddies may be trolls of the worst kind, but they might be inadvertently doing the game a huge favor by ridding it of it's always online requirement.

Whiteford882546d ago

It's getting beyond ridiculous. They have given their mission statement, you think they should be doing more with our money? Yeah maybe they should, but preventing gamers who are already aware of this from playing and enjoying the games they have already spent money on is just plain stupidity and I take it more of as an attack to the gaming community than the server owners.

DDoS attacks are carried out by 11 year olds with mediocre computer skills to make themselves feel like they are 'Hackers'. The reaction from the community is probably exactly what they are looking for, the publicity of being 'hackers' which is wrong, they aren't hacking anything, they're overloading it.

These servers going down are not affecting me as at the moment I've been addicted to Diablo and Battlefield - but the other week when PSN went down I lost it. I've spent AUD $1,300 on this Playstation only to find I have to now pay to get online, fine, whatever, here's another $20 - 2 days into it and these pricks think it's their right to DDoS PSN and I can no longer connect. This didn't make me angry at Sony, this made me mad that there are people out there thinking they have the right to completely take away my ability to enjoy the device. This instantly made me want to turn my PC on and start playing Starcraft again and sell this console and wait till the next console gen, but I shouldn't have to, I should be able to enjoy the console I forked over $1000 out for without you little twits doing the most basic server overload you can!

otherZinc2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

XBOX Live works.

Forza Horizon 2 will work in a few hours, when I get my copy.

I'll bet Bungie would like to use those M$ servers.

You get what you pay for.

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MRMagoo1232546d ago

Psn seems to be working for me on phone and console not sure about destiny tho.

Mega242546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Its only Destiny and Ghost, I got kicked right at the end of Dust Palace. Idk about psn being down, using it as we speak on 3 different platforms.

Edit: This site is giving them credit as "hackers", that implies that they are hacking, when they are not. DDOS is not hacking.

Edit 2: Destiny is back already.


Supposedly, I cant confirm as I don't own an Xbox One.

BG115792546d ago

Then it's down for everyone, not just for Sony, right?

Silly gameAr2546d ago

I'm wondering why it says PSN is down in the headline, when I've had zero problems with PSN downtime.

moegooner882546d ago

It's Gamepur, one PSN user had an issue translates to PSN down for them.

ITPython2546d ago

They get one unverified report about one person not being able to download a game, and that = PSN down.

Just Xbox fanboys trying to spread FUD about PSN reliability any chance they can get. It's really sad and pathetic.

kayoss2546d ago

Where's Ray Rice when we need him to lay the smack down on these Lizard squad?!?!?

Pinkdolphinyfg2546d ago

And forrrrrr what? some type of Loser hacker glory?

bigboss19902546d ago

These pricks need a kick in the teeth