Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo Hands-on Preview

Capcom knows that Lost Planet is already good. This is obvious by the fact that the company is more than willing to let people play it well before its scheduled January 12th release date. Gamers have played Lost Planet at E3 and in marketplace demos, and now it's time for a bit of early multiplayer action.

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SuperSaiyan44350d ago

I am sorry but the single player demo is fantastic and this demo for the online play is dreadful. It is extremely slow and since everything is in the snow and is white many gamers agreed today online that you cannot really see who you are shooting at even with the colour of the teams being red and blue its hard to make out.
I dont think this games' strong point is going to be online it will have a very good offline single player...Hopefully.

power of Green 4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Really should they put big ass Red and Blue pointer's above the player's or should the player comunicate and have a plan?. Interesting post. Thanks.

power of Green 4350d ago

Don't knock their aproch to what they think is next-gen gameplay if you don't like it fine; but that's actually what i want and been fusing about with the norm.

PS360PCROCKS4350d ago have to pre-order the game friday to actually get this demo? Or what are they saying?

SuperSaiyan44350d ago

No mate you dont have to pre-order, the game wasnt actually in the list to download. They put it as an advert, when you go to Newly released demos dont go click on the list its on the right as an ad, click that.

The game on single player looks and plays absolutly amazing, this demo is an early build yes however it does not appeal to me.

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