Wii U Weekly Deals: Zelda Wind Waker HD $40, Pro Controller $42, DKC Tropical Freeze $30 and more

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edgarohickman2215d ago

Where should I buy 3D World bundle? Target or Best Buy?

Tom872215d ago

Thanks, I've never noticed the Super Smash Bros. Bundle before :)

andrewsimons2215d ago

Many great deals for this week.

timothyckeegan2215d ago

Best price for Pikmin 3 and Tropical Freeze

guitarded772215d ago

I picked up DK Country for $30. This game is making me rage right now. I don't know how they expect kids to play it. It's very challenging, and I'm old school. I love the atmosphere though... and the challenge. I'm not complaining, I do enjoy a challenge.

dannygamer2215d ago

Are Pro controllers region free?

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