Microsoft promises more new games for E3

"We have not announced all of our line-up yet for 2008 but will provide more details at E3 next month," said Aaron Greenberg, director of Xbox 360 product management, in an email sent to GamePro on Thursday.

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Spike473774d ago

what you are supposed to say before E3 and at E3?

I wonder if Wii sales will just decrease from now on since there are no good games for it out now. I mean we've all worried about the PS3's library since day 1 but what about the Wii?

green3774d ago

Nintendo have said the same thing as well.This years E3 is going to be very interesting.

Drekken3774d ago

WII is like parachute pants, lines on the side of your head, flanels, stonewash jeans, bell bottoms, polyester, disco, rock/rap... its a FAD!

heyheyhey3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

well there's The Conduit and MadWorld to show

The Conduit should drum up sales in the same way KZ2 did with the whole graphical wow factor


yeah dude your right

but it still needs the games to sell to the hardcore market like yourself and yours truly (which is obviously a very small proportion of it's target market)

Superfragilistic3774d ago

Yeah and Deadly Creatures looks damn cool. No game has ever let me be a motion controlled Scorpion... lol

green3774d ago

lol You guys are terrible, but come to think of it what games are coming out on the wii for the rest of the year?

CrashSharc3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The Wii Doesn't need Software support to sell. C'mon guys. You don't see it?

It's like the damn iPod. All it needs is flashy and well directed marketing to sell. The iPod sorely lacks features and functionality (compared to other similarly priced products) but sells amazingly because it's "hip" and looks cool. BEsides, the iPod and Wii are so "in" these days.

As a hardcore gamer, I despise the Wii due to the horrific things it could do to our industry (from a hardcore gamer perspective)and the fact that it's way overpriced (299 here in Canada, only 100 bucks more will get you a PS3? c'mon!!), but as a fan of the industry expanding to newer crowds, it's great.

lol, I have no clue where that mini rant came from, excuse me!

mepsipax3774d ago

Hey man don't diss the wii without criticizing your console of choice as well, I used to say the same thing as a PC gamer when the Xbox and GC were coming out, The games industry is on it's deathbed, companies nowadays churn out only sequels that have a long development cycle and a high budget, this coped with the fact they have a publisher breathing down their neck at every moment pressuring them to create a game that will sell, there is no room for innovation. And can you tell me why just because you're a "hardcore" gamer that you despise the Wii, the Wii has games that can be played by a "hardcore" gamer, a game is neither hardcore nor casual, but it is the player themselves that decides how long and how immersed he can become in the game, the only real "hardcore" games are for the PC anyway games like Silent Hunter III, X-Com. Games that require patience and thinking and take many hours of your day away are meant to be hardcore, not gears, halo, resistance. I'm sorry for the rant too but you must realize that consoles have and are still rotting away the gaming industry.

Godoftheweek3774d ago

"The Conduit should drum up sales in the same way KZ2 did with the whole graphical wow factor"

Are you kidding me? Graphical wow factor? Just because it looks good for a Wii game in some screen shots and OK in others does NOT mean that it has a graphical WOW factor.

MGS4 has a graphica WOW factor
KZ2 has a graphical WOW factor
Gears2 has a 2006 graphical WOW factor

NO WII GAME WILL EVER have a graphical WOW factor.

I wonder, will this game get a free pass on being just another FPS because it's on the Wii? KZ2 even though everyone agrees looks amazing is being grilled for just being another FPS. UNBIASED gaming sites should do the same with this game.

But I doubt they will (Kotaku, Joystiq, 1up) because it's a Wii game and not a I HATE SONY game.

It's OK, the longer these sites show Sony a double standard, the better Sony's games will be.

N2NOther3774d ago

The majority of Wii customers think that there are tons of good games for the Wii...Which is one of the many reasons why I can't stand the Wii.

unbiased3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Nintendo could stop all production for the Wii today and still walk away a winner. They could shut down the factory and never make another game. The wii has made more then enough money for Nintendo to do what they really want to do. MAKE ANOTHER SYSTEM. and they will. Wii2 or whatever will have plenty of power and sell like hotcakes all over again.

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wolfehound223774d ago

And this just in the Wii and PS3 have unannounced titles to. Just about every year there are unannounced games announced at E3 no surprise here.

THE_JUDGE3774d ago

works, they want everyone to KNOW they have unannounced games, not just assume. I mean its not like everyone's ever seen this whole E3 thing before.

Superfragilistic3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I'm keen to know what the titles are.

Scene It 2, Lips and "Ninja Blade" have all been leaked, plus there's at least three titles for the Newton that I know of (Sorry NDA all the way...).

But what are the biggies?

Forza 3 looks certain.
Cry On from Mistwalker is likely.
And Alan Wake & Halo Wars are pretty much sure bets based on the hints Shane Kim has been dropping all over the place with the amount of talking he does!

But what about a surprise Bioware title? Some more JRPGs? A reveal on what $50m buys for DLC these days? Or even better WTF has Peter Jackson been up to for the last year?

heyheyhey3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

not even a little clue? come on throw us a bone here

little hint, no-one will know

EDIT: erm....... clean my shoes for a fiver?

Superfragilistic3774d ago

I'll throw you a bone if you can give me a job that pays better! lol ;p

NO_PUDding3774d ago

NDA, bah!

I am a PS3 fanboy and even I am interested.

Hah, Scene it and Lips are fine examples of Microsoft never bringing anything new to the table...

I have had Singstar for years, and I ahve also had Buzz for years.

Deadman643774d ago

i'd love to finally know what peter jackson has been up to.

iNcRiMiNaTi3774d ago

tbh im really interested in alan wake more than anything confirmed on 360 for this year. gears yeah whoohoo an all but alan wake looked promising. fable 2 also looks interesting

green3774d ago

Respect your NDA.but could you say if they are casual games or hardcore games pleaseeeeeeeee.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3774d ago

MS came out with their own karaoke games back in 2003, but it didnt sell it was too much on the tech side and not enough on the fun side.

Superfragilistic3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Well I personally can't give specifics other than to say that "I imagine" (winks at green) your suspicions are right and yes the games and controller do exist.

But there are people on this site who've worked on and been aware of these titles much longer than me (only a couple of weeks) and seem to have looser NDAs.

I suggest you scroll down to a conversation I had prior to my NDA and title knowledge on page one of this thread about a month ago...

Hope that helps! ;)

green3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Thanks buddy that was a bit helpful.What i should be bothered about is actually that new controller.i accept that motion controllers are the future but i hope they don't just make a straight up wii mote clone but actually try to do something different.

Just 4 weeks left.

Linzoid3774d ago

I agree with you that Microsoft never seem to bring anyting innovative to the gaming industry, they always seem to copy other companies ideas.

However I have a feeling this year they may just have an ace up their sleeve. They need to be original and innovative and show something mind blowing and new. Sony did this at GDC a couple of years ago by showing off Media Molecules beautiful LittleBigPlanet.

I hope for Microsofts sake they don't just come along and announce bunch of sequels! GEoW 2 will be amazing I'm sure but it's just more of the same. Come on Microsoft get innovative release some new ground breaking IP's!

N2NOther3774d ago

Peter Jackson has been making his film The Lovely Bones.

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Wildarmsjecht3774d ago

Id imagine so...if every company showed off their complete list before E3, it wouldn't have been nearly as exciting as it has become.

I'd be more worried if what they already announced was all.

Abolisher of Apathy3774d ago

For lips and ninja blade,I'm not..... big secret line up exposed