Pro Evolution Soccer Looks To Dethrone Fifa This Year With a Much Better Product

MegaJon writes "Year after year Fifa has dominated the market when it comes to soccer, or football, games around the world. This year is different though, it looks like a much better game is on the horizon and should give Fifa a run for its money."

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Alexious2392d ago

This seems exaggerate, though FIFA 15 has some flaws indeed.

cfc782392d ago

The better of the 2 games deserves to be on top and if its PES so be it and its always nice to see EA get a kick in the balls at the same time and hopefully Fifa 16 will be better for it though after reading XB1 will be 720p for PES I see sales taking a hit and Fifa still taking the win.

megajon2392d ago

Competition is a good thing otherwise companies get lazy. Madden was really boring after they outright bought the licence for the NFL after that scare from 2K5.

Angeljuice2391d ago

PES has been better than FIFA for as long as I can remember. FIFA is more popular because it's officially licensed and because you don't need any skill to pull off great looking goals (unlike PES).

FIFA makes you feel like you're great at the game even if you're no good. It flatters its way into the console's disk tray.

Wh15ky2391d ago


I've never managed to get my head around that argument. I've always prefered PES but I also find it easier than FIFA, especially throughout the whole of the last gen.

My first games of each of this years demos - I won 5-0 in PES and only managed to scrape a 1-1 draw in FIFA.

forager2391d ago


I agree with Wh15ky,PES to me is easier (maybe becuase i play soccer/football) though if you put fifa on all manual controls, it slows the game down a ton and makes getting goals more realistic!

bouzebbal2391d ago

i have been a PES/ISS/Winning Eleven player since the 90's and i started with Winning Eleven 3. I had to give up with PES2009 which was a nice piece of garbage but i still bought PES2010 which was my very last one.
I started with FIFA since FIFA10 until FIFA14. I got tired of FIFA since FIFA12 it doesn't improve since 09 apparently.
I haven't been expecting much from PES2015 but i really enjoyed the demo, much more than FIFA's. I felt there is a next gen feel in PES and FIFA felt the same as 14 with better graphics.

FIFA online is unplayable with bunch of kids quitting in the middle of a match.

PES this year for me, no doubt!

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mdluffy2391d ago

What will sell beter? that's all that matters for them, and I bet it's fifa.

nX2391d ago

Who cares what matters to them? Every real football fan will tell you that PES15 is much closer to the real thing than FIFA15 and that's what we should care about.

our_games_are_art2391d ago

PES has never outsold FIFA even when it was the better game in the ps2 era fyi

Codewow2391d ago

It can't be very hard to provide a better all around game than an EA title. EA is very minimalist when it comes to upgrades. Just like Apple is with their tech. It's about the profits, not the improvements.

Thefreeman0122391d ago

Im not buying Fifa this year but playing the PES demo.. its still feels clunky and robotic. There isnt that smoothness of player movements like Fifa.

DanielGearSolid2391d ago

Played both demos

PES is better

Wh15ky2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Played both too.

PES is too easy. Through balls and shooting in particular.

PES 2014 had some interesting ideas for making through balls and shooting harder but that whole game had a half baked unfinished feel to it. Based upon playing the PES 2015 demo it looks like konami have abandoned those ideas all together, which is dissapointing.

FIFA looks like it's just the same boring, monotonous, irritating crap. Menus are nicely presented though.

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