Itagaki Vs. Tecmo: One Of These "Special Incentive" DoA 4 Contracts Is Fake

Kotaku reports:

"Yesterday, Itagaki vs. Tecmo commenced with Itagaki's lawyer submitting into evidence the contract he had supporting his completion bonus for Xbox 360 title Dead or Alive 4. Tecmo's lawyers submitted a somewhat identical-looking contract, differing in that it did not support Itagaki's claims that he was entitled to a completion bonus. Hrm. Someone it seems is lying, and other evidence seems to indicate that Tecmo isn't exactly being truthful about overtime - which is a totally separate case altogether.

Something else to keep in mind: Earlier we reported that Tecmo slapped Itagaki with a gag-order, meaning that one had been filed - as of course there are no Japanese laws to prevent Tecmo from filing for that! However, a judge has yet to sign off on this gag-order for it to actually be in effect. Since this hasn't yet happened, the gag-order is, well, not in effect. What's more, that gag-order motion may very well be tossed out of court."

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Superfragilistic3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

It starts off as a simple pay dispute and an outspoken lead designer shooting his mouth off...


Backed by incontrevertible evidence the lead level designer, lead engineer and the majority elected Tecmo union leader join outspoken lead designer and lodge their own suits and threaten 2nd and 3rd wave class actions representing 300 employees...


Concrete evidence of the CEO willingly committing fraud to illegally remove staff pay & conditions emerges...


CEO denies that this ever happened and blames it on the beloved but dead Tecmo founder....


This is becoming a really bad soap opera... which means Itagaki should hurry up and copyright it, because it's a hell of a lot better and makes a hell of a lot more sense than anything in Ninja Gaiden.

Hell he might as well make Tecmo the Arch Fiend, because I'm sure the always modest Itagaki (sarcasm) would cast himself as the super cool kick arse ninja! :p

PS360WII3775d ago

lol I'd play that game ^^

juuken3774d ago

Wow, this gets even heavier.

Isaac3774d ago

Even after Tecmo being unfair, Itagaki is full of sh1t, especially when his games pale in comparison to the ones of the competition. If this was Kojima, Nomura, Sakaguchi or Miyamoto, I would feel very differently.

BIoodmask3774d ago

has nothing to do with the quality of games. It is based on ethics/laws regarding paying employees for their work hours as according to the labor laws.

meepmoopmeep3774d ago

i think what he's trying to say is he has no empathy for itagaki, not about the quality of his games.

he means to say he would feel different if it were any of the other people who he listed.

i don't like itagaki but if tecmo breached any contract then they should pay up.

Isaac3774d ago

That is why I'm not on his side. And I ask how can he be so full of crap after his games, while good, pale in comparison to the competition?

Silogon3774d ago

Itagaki wants what he wants. Let him have it and be done with him, all there is to it. Tecmo talks about saving face and how if they break and exclusive deal they'd lose face in the gaming world, well you done broke a deal with this man and he wants paid.

Dude is gonna get serious and start sexually harassing you guys. I'm serious. He's crazy like that. The judge better be on his P's and Q's cause if he's not Itagaki is gonna make him grab his shoes.

All I'm saying.

Baka-akaB3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Tough for me to be on anyone's side . It's totally possible and believable to have itagaki forge documents , being wrong and making a big splash just because his "enfant terrible" act is no longer accepted around ...
But this time with supposedly a lots of other staffer behind him , it's hard not to be suspicious of Tecmo .

The beauty of it , is neither are needed and both might be killing each others . Tecmo's licences arent that interesting and important to lament about . Itagaki or someone else can do a clone of ninja gaiden with another name and characters ...

And on the other hand , Itagaki's input and impact on the industry is hardly the most important thing .

People keep mentioning MS would acquire Itagaki and set him up a studio , it's possible , along with a few potential other publishers ...
But even as MS evangelist , i'm not sure they feel the need of having in their midst someone who can so easily turn upon them , or badmouth so easily their own colleagues . They'll probably weight his attitude compared to his works , and people might be shocked to find out they might not take the risk .

juuken3774d ago

You have a good point there, and I don't see why you got a disagree.

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