Nintendo exec's comment highlights gaming stigma

Columbiatribune writes: "How does someone like Fischer get a job in the video game industry? From everything I've ever been told, when applying for a job, you're supposed to be well informed about the company and its products and able to sell them to its target audience. What you're not supposed to do is insult your core audience of fans by leveling high school insults at them and saying they are unhealthily obsessed with their hobby.

This is the type of ignorant, stereotypical comment I could understand from someone who has never even played a video game before, not someone who is making a living from the medium. Maybe Fischer was simply tired of being asked the question, but to make a comment like that not only shows how unprofessional he is but also how little he realizes the resonance this will have on the community."

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condorstrike3958d ago

I would have to agree with you 100% I've been following this clown's statements and think that nintendo should demote or let him go for doing so much damage with both erroneous information and derogatory comments.

when did the line "the customer's always right" fade away.

specially now in the 2000's where everyone not just the stereotypical play games as a new source of media pass time, shame on you fischer.

Snipes203958d ago

I think this guy should lay low for awhile. I would rather be in the dark about new Nintendo info than to have some exec deteriorate Nintendo's image. Just look at what has happened to other companies because of this-sure it hasn't killed them, but it hasn't helped either.