X360 review: Alone in the Dark

It's difficult to like a game that's constantly firing a shotgun into its own foot. Before you skip to the end and see the poor score X360 would just like to point out that at times they actually liked this game, at least for a few short moments during its frustrating eight episodes of gameplay.

There are so many fine and novel ideas but they're not implemented well, making playing the game frustrating or repetitive. If you've ever played the (much less flawed) PS2 cult classic disaster-movie inspired S.O.S. The Final Escape, you might notice a lot of similarities in the first couple of levels. You're thrust into the action with little let-up for a good hour or so. Gasp as you hang from about 30 storeys up as gargoyles come crashing down past you. It's very exciting. The protagonist, Edward Carnaby, has no memory of his past (this isn't one of the novel ideas) but has to escape a rapidly collapsing New York City and make it to Central Park. Huge cracks are ripping apart the city, they're swallowing people, buildings, everything. Cars dangle precariously from the top of cliff as you gingerly guide Edward past them before they crash down into a bottomless ravine.

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jollygoodchap83775d ago

well, at least it's higher than a 3/10.

More reviews like this and its gonna turn out to be a real rental for me.

himdeel3774d ago

...that way. Oh well :/

OOG3774d ago

:( was hoping for this game to be good....o well rental I guess

thenickel3774d ago

Well I'm at least going to rent it even though I feel really let down from all the soso reviews. It's crazy how a game can look so good and then once it's released something goes wrong that can either make or break it.

The gaming GOD3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The alone in the dark games have ALWAYS been bad. Next gen tech doesn't always make for a great game. As long as this series continues to keep the core gameplay of its predecessors, it will always suck.

The bad part is within the next month or so, Atari might be totally bankrupt. Not just partially like they are now. They as a company had so much riding on THIS game.

Isaac3774d ago

Phil Harrison is gonna have to eat an even bigger piece of humble pie than he had to when working for Sony =(

LeBart3774d ago

First of all, the team behind Alone 5 is a completely different one than previous installments. Plus what you call "the core gameplay of its predecessors" is long gone. Alone 5 is a different game.
It's bad apparently, but not because it's Alone in the Dark.

The gaming GOD3774d ago

The bottom line here is that it shares the suck factor that the previous alone in the dark games have.

Different team of developers, same lackluster game

Different core game play (as you implied), same lackluster game

Until someone steps up the game on this franchise to compete with Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Alone in the dark will FOREVER suck

Appo3774d ago

I was going to buy this game once it released on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.