WWE 2K15 Shows What Next Gen Graphics Should Look Like

MegaJon writes "WWE 2K15 has finally released a high definition trailer showing off actual gameplay and character models for the PS4 and Xbox One. The results show some of the most detailed character models we’ve seen on either of the next generation consoles. From the start fans have been a little worried about the lack of material for the new wrestling game since it was originally supposed to release in October and we had yet to see any actual officially released gameplay. The game was pushed back to November now and we finally have a glimpse at what we have to look forward to and its truly amazing what they have accomplished on the next generation consoles."

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Clown_Syndr0me2392d ago

Played it at EGX, it didn't look that great..

Nintendo4Life852392d ago

Not impress, thought it would look a lot better.

jrshankill2392d ago

Really? Did you see the trailer?

That Triple H model is the best character model based on a real person I have ever seen in any game.

iSuperSaiyanGod2392d ago

Either my iPad air makes the in ring action look like crap , or it just looks like crap ....

isarai2392d ago

not even close


and no i'm not saying this is the best ever, but it's better than these WWE models

jrshankill2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


If you read my post.. I said "That Triple H model is the best character model based on a real person"

Kratos isn't a real person.

That completely blows the Kratos model out the water.

MRMagoo1232392d ago

I haven't bought a wrestling game since the ps2 days and I think it's about time I did, I hope the hell in a cell matches are as fun as they used to be.

iDadio2392d ago

Its a toss up of whether you concentrate on insane character models or whether you spend some of the resources on the crowd etc and use less quality models for the wrestlers themselves.

Whilst having an active crows adds immersion, the 2d sprite cutouts of Smackdown never bothered me in game.

isarai2392d ago

eeeeeh, they look very flat and plastic like

SlyGuy2392d ago

Agreed. The muscles look the same regardless of pose (which is absurd).

Also, some of the move animations still look very stiff and awkward as always.

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