X360 review: Civilization Revolution

Anyone who's ever played a Civilization game (particularly the two most recent PC titles) will know how much of a time-sink they can be. The most epic games can last for hours and hours on end – hardly ideal for a modern console audience. With Meier taking a much more handson approach than expected with this new multiformat version, hopes were high that it could live up to its computerbased brethren. But is its streamlining of Civ's complexities a step too far?

In truth, it's all going to be down to personal taste. While Revolution is certainly an entertaining game, and much faster-paced than most of its forebears, some will see that as a good thing, while some will be irked by what they consider a dumbing-down of this popular franchise. X360 can't help but feel that veteran strategy fans might be better sticking with the PC version, yet X360 also believe that Civ Rev is a perfect fit for the 360 in its current form.

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