Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Could Sell Millions Less Than COD: Ghosts

2014 could be another down year for Call of Duty. Research firm Sterne Agee is projecting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to sell millions of copies less than 2013 release Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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aceitman2456d ago

From the preorders I will agree, and I'm guessing it will sell less then destiny

Gamer7772456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Alot of the gamers that acquire a copy of COD are younger gamers who don't preorder. I still think COD will be the best selling game this year, due to Destiny losing steam due to its reception.
Edit: Advance Warfare will likely not get sales anywhere near MW1-3, World at War or Black Ops 1/2.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2456d ago

ill be getting it next year for Zombies... i skipped the last 2 and ill be skipping this one

mikeslemonade2456d ago

That's because the casual gamers have caught on that the series is stalling. However the hardcore crowd knows that the series has been going down since MW2-Ghosts, and judging previews Advance Warfare looks to be good addition to the series.

Advance Warfare should be a more critical success than ghosts.

Dirtnapstor2456d ago

Many will be gunshy because of Ghosts. But I think AW does stand a chance as far as reinvigorating the brand. The campaign looks great, hopefully the MP won't be the 3-ringed circle that was Ghosts.

bennissimo2456d ago

It'll sell better once word of mouth proves that this is a far, far better game than Ghosts. But its initial sales figures will likely be lower.

iTechHeads2456d ago

It'll sell millions more than Destiny.

We're still in a console transitions so people won't have enough money to buy as many games. Some may choose GTA V over COD this holiday.

neocores2456d ago

Lol well yeah after the way Call of duty ghost flat out sucked asss i would not put it past people not to buy the next one. But from what i been reading and videos i have watched. This call of duty seems to be doing somthing right to reel me back in.

CerealKiller2456d ago

I doubt it a lot of people have got or are getting next gen consoles and want to buy games for them and this is going to be one of the few games out this holiday season.

Mohammed_GR2456d ago

Why are we not surprised? [JK] well I am guessing to buy this game only because of my favorite and award winning actor "Kevin Spacey" honestly, I am not into futuristic warfare sort but even though the game is getting old in terms of repetitions of in game features, i dont see COD fans actually wanting to leave playing COD games anytime soon.

Mr_cheese2456d ago

I'm actually glad, the call of duty franchise unfortunately became stagnant years ago and a lot of people brought based on the name.

I would love to see a true gritty FPS set back in ww2. I think it is time to go back to that period and do a truly honest and dark shooter.

BX812456d ago

Because of the name? Or because they really dont hate it as much as some want to make out.

Macdaddy712456d ago

Please don't listen to Cheese, why do they not make any of today's FPS games in ww2??? No one want to play that far back!!! That's why the sniper games don't do as good as it could cause they are set back in them day!!!! Bottom line Sux

FullmetalRoyale2456d ago

You never know brother, that could be the very game that Treyarch is working on. I will sit this one out, as I did the previous release.

I am looking forward to seeing whatever Treyarch are working on.

NarooN2456d ago

Well, "World at War 2" did get trademarked not too long ago, so you never know...

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