Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor PS4 Screenshots Look Beautiful; Runs At 1080p With Unlocked 60 FPS

GearNuke: "Check out these lovely screenshots of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor taken directly from the PS4. The game will also run at an unlocked frame rate according to early reports."

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masterfox3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

1080p 60 fps unlocked = delicious!! nom nom nom.

Can't wait to get this game, Delsim and Nathan can't go wrong with that combination! :D

damnzz that atmosphere!!!

Dudebro903177d ago

60FPS locked would be better. I hate frame rates that fluctuate all the time. Hopefully there is an option to lock it.

Neixus3176d ago

reviewers and streamers have said the only time it drops frames are when you interrogate an enemy

Kayant3176d ago

Personally depends. If it's 60-40 I will take it over locked 30 but it depends how offer and heavy it drops but options are nice ;)

Kivespussi3176d ago


If it only drops when interrogating it might be possible to fix that in a patch

DeadRabbits3176d ago

You may be in luck with the xbone that could be locked at 900p 30fps!

starchild3176d ago

I totally agree. I hate framerates that jump around. Give me a solid 30fps that has consistent frame times over a variable 40 to 60fps any day. Hopefully they offer the option to cap it at 30fps for a smoother, more consistent framerate.

MasterCornholio3176d ago

Just buy the PC version then. Problem solved.

That doesn't really bother me unless the frame rate drops into the teens so I'll probably get the PS4 version. I said probably because I dont know if I should get Aliens Isolation or this game.

kevnb3176d ago

As long as vsync is handled properly it will be fine. That's days adaptive vsync combined with triple buffering are much better solutions than locking at 30 fps. Just look at how smooth call of duty plays, it's not locked down on previous gen consoles and has frame rate fluctuations.

XBLSkull3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I would take 60 unlocked over 30 locked any day. I prefer my games to run as fast as they can. If it runs at 60 most of the time with some dips on occasion into the 50's some of you would prefer they lock it at 30? You must be high.

I honestly don't think this games visuals are anything impressive, but if it is scoring as high as it is I'm picking it up, I was expecting anywhere from 6/10-8/10 on this one, great news it is even better. Glad I traded in Destiny for $40, I'll be scoring this and Forza for only $36+tax out of pocket. Sweet fall lineup on the Xbox One all starting Tuesday.

PeaSFor3176d ago

unlocked 60fps>locked 30fps, its THAT simple.

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wu_tang3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Woah, that pic looks amazing.

Sleeper hit confirmed! This game wasn't even on my radar, but now I can't wait to play it.

Magicite3176d ago

I play on PC and use Fraps (soft that shows FPS). As long as its above 30fps, games always feel fluid and it doesnt matter if its jumping between 30 and 60.

mochachino3176d ago

I think it starts getting that fluid look around 45 FPS.

d0x3603176d ago

Unlocked can introduce tearing. I'd take locked 30 over unlocked 60 if there is tearing.

If its running unlocked I'll probably buy it on ps4 instead of xb1. I hope Eurogamer does a h2h before Tuesday

user56695103176d ago

next gen character model, last gen environment. huh not impressed. the environments look like sh!t. i love the textures on the orcs though never seen texture that detailed before. everything else is avg or blow. but the game do look fun, not sure if i want to buy tho.

larrysdirtydrawss3176d ago

every character model is well textured/shaded, not just the orcs.. and the environments actually look well done too, shrubs/grass look pretty well textured... atleast judging the ps4 version

LamerTamer3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Yeah the lighting looks pretty bland. There doesn't look to be any self shadowing or AO. That is the price you pay for 60 FPS. That framerate is demanding so something had to go. Hardware, especially console hardware is not infinite.

I would have rather had 30 FPS but better environments.

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rarity3177d ago

Will their be dragons in this game?

PS4isKing_823176d ago

Wow that's impressive. I didn't know this game was 60fps. Now I want it even more.

ramiuk13176d ago

only came on my radar last few days when alot have mentioned it in destiny threads.
looking on youtube and it looks awesome.
so have preordered today

Kivespussi3176d ago

Same here but I only became interested when there were a lot of good reviews. Interesting how there was almost no hype surrounding it but after the reviews came, it's talked about in every gaming site

thricetold3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )


Why in the world would ANYONE who can think for themselves, wait for someone else's opinion, good or bad, before deciding how to spend their money?

Plenty of YouTube vids and other footage to decide for yourself if capable to do so. Its downright idiotic in today's world to rely on the written word of "gaming journalist".

Don't know why in the world you are trying to imply reviews are necessary for games to become successful. They aren't, and more and more know it.

wu_tang3176d ago

1080p 60fps.
Can't wait to play this game.

reaperofsouls3176d ago

any new on xbone res/Frame Rate

Eonjay3176d ago

Not really. There is only one account of the visuals on Xbox One at http://www.xboxachievements...

It statement about visuals:

"A little inconsistent. For every stunning vista, there's the occasional lack of character detail and on Xbox One, even the odd instance of texture pop-in. Shadow of Mordor could look better."

d0x3603176d ago

Yea but does that comment apply to ps4 as well? I'd imagine the inconsistent visuals does since it's across gen title.

Eonjay3176d ago


Unfortunately, the guys who did this review only got the Xbox One version apparently, so there literally are no side by side comparisons to speak of at this time. Also, the XboxAchievements site doesn't detail anything in regards to resolution or framerate so its hard to compare it to the one technical gripe we have heard about slowdown on the PS4 during "mental dominations".

We will have to wait for DF or a random YouTube upload.