IGN: Guitar Hero: World Tour First Look

Guitar Hero proved the market for music rhythm games is broader than previously thought. Rock Band took the genre to the next step and made it a more social experience by going beyond the six-string domain. Now Guitar Hero: World Tour is answering back. It's not just about guitars now that the full band is brought in. It's not just about playing classic songs either. World Tour lets you become the rock star in every way possible -- from playing the tunes to making the music itself. IGN got their first look at the next game in the hit franchise and there's no doubt about it: they're impressed. Neversoft and Activision didn't sit on their laurels and pump out a cash-in sequel. There's so much new here that it's tough to decide where to begin.

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Polluted3771d ago

Awesome. The music creator sounds crazy.

For those who didn't get that far, you can create full songs, then upload them and anyone can then download and play your songs.