Is Star Wars Ruining Soul Calibur IV?

"I like beer and oatmeal, but that doesn't mean they should be combined into a single tasty meal." – eldee, forum user

Known for its unrivaled gameplay, graphical prowess and its colorful cast of brooding brawlers, Soulcalibur never needed help in proving it was king of the mountain. Never. Fast forward to 2008 and the long-anticipated Soulcalibur IV now features three Star Wars characters - evil Sith badass Darth Vader for PS3, Jedi Muppet lord Yoda for 360 and as of a couple weeks ago, The Force Unleashed's secret apprentice for both systems.

Did anyone tell Namco or George Lucas that it might be a little too much? Besides being a painfully forced tie-in (Unleashed ain't even out yet!), do Gamers even want their beloved characters from a galaxy far, far away to throw down with the likes of Ivy and Voldo? A simple trolling of the interweb hints at a strong 'maybe', but for the undecided, GamesRadar have put together reasons why Star Wars might be shanking the kidneys of Soul Calibur.

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Fishy Fingers3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

What sort of question is that honestly? If you dont like the Star Wars Characters don't use them. It's really that simple.

Some people seem to moan for the sake of moaning. It's totally unnecessary, concentrate on the plus points.

Still, IMO the definitive Soul Caliber was on the Dreamcast (and soon XBLA yet no 16:9 which upsets me)

SpaceCowgirl3771d ago

Star Wars being one of them, plus I hate the whole ps3 has darth vader and 360 has yoda thing, yoda is such a silly character to have in there and now they added some starhunter BS or something. I also hate how SCIV has become a Saturday morning cheap bandai anime cartoon instead of semi-historical medieval fantasy. Astaroth? ooooh lets make him a big scary monster instead of exploring the human element of a Golem, ohh lets make Nightmare a big rediculous ghost/demon instead of a knight. Lets add a bunch of crappy guest characters instead of actually focusing on improving the actual single player and creating better core characters.

I will probably stick to SCIII

DJtyler3771d ago

I thought SCII "guest characters" were better. I don't see the point of mixing Star Wars and Soul Calibur. I am going to stick with SC 2 and 3 as well. I don't see how they would top the second one anyway..

Fishy Fingers3771d ago

Soul Caliber was one of the best games on the Dreamcast, in fact one of the best games of that era. So yes, in my opinion it was very good to begin with.

shotputking3771d ago

can you find another fighting game that was universally given 10's for review scores? or that single handedly sells used dreamcasts to this day? watch the sales of the first soul calibur on xbox live, then you'll know if it was even good to begin with.

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juuken3771d ago

Well...Darth Vader does kick some ass...o.o

Salvadore3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

But does the game actually have a story?

Fishy Fingers3771d ago

Yes all of the characters have their own story's, normally all of which usually resolve around the same thing (eg, the soul blade).

But they're pretty weak on the ground, like most fighting games, but expect some kick ass movies when you complete with each individual character.

okcomputer3771d ago

I honestly couldn't care less about the single player. SC has always been all about the vs mode for me. The cpu ai is never as fun as playing another person, and if the online play is lag free with a good match making system i'll be playing sc4 to death this august.

thenickel3771d ago

I just don't see why they would bring the Star Wars universe into Soul Calibers the same as I can't see DC into MK. Why cant these developers just make a Star Wars fighting game or DC. My other gripe is that the only they really did different this time around is add online play. Now the online is fine in all but I was hoping they would make the gameplay much deeper and add some weapon to weapon or hand to hand combat. Without a doubt I will be picking this up but honestly I'm not as excited as I was when the original SC released on Dreamcast.

green3771d ago

Immediately i heard that there will be playable star wars characters in SC4, they game went from a definite buy to a rental.Star Wars simply has no place in the Soul Caliber universe.

Why can't they just focus on the core mechanics of the game,tweak the fighting mechanism even more and improve the story (which after soul caliber they seem to have forgotten about).

PS360WII3771d ago

Give me a break! Having Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur is a great idea. If this is such a bad thing why in the world was no one upset over SCII?

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