EDGE Scans for Bayonetta, Madworld, Infinte Line

Here is a scan for The three upcoming Platinum games Bayonetta (PS3/360), Madworld (Wii), Infinite Line (DS), From the latest EDGE Issue

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Fishy Fingers3774d ago

Screw the games, I want one of those Egg shaped toilets :)

Rikitatsu3774d ago

the games are awesome

its been made by the guys who did all these great games

Resident evil series
Devil May cry 1 (only 1 )
Viewtiful joe
Phoenix Wright (the originals )
Dino crisis

I only expect AAA titles from them

Fishy Fingers3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

It was more an attempt to crack a joke about the funny toilets. Evidently not a very good one ;)

I'm actually hyped for some of these.

PS360WII3774d ago

Thems some great looking games :) Hope to hear about that 4th mysterious game they are making soon too!

Rikitatsu3774d ago

Especialy if we knew that Shinji Mikami is working on it

Vino3774d ago

Can't wait for Bayonetta and Madworld.

Fade_Walker3774d ago

HA I was going to say exactly the same thing.

I guess great minds do think alike...I am getting so many disagrees for this...

mepsipax3774d ago

while I love the premise of Infinite line I also doubt the capabilities of the DS. But I was suprised by renegade kids DS titles, so I will keep an open mind.

PS360WII3774d ago

yes that really does look promising :) Don't doubt the DS!

kazuma3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

those madworld pics are ingame? if so, damn that's awesome!

edit @ below : thx a lot, must've missed it back when they were announced, only saw the bayonetta one

Fishy Fingers3774d ago

Yep, looks great right, brilliant example of style over substance.

Trailer here if your interested

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