Final Fantasy XV Will Include Special One-Button Controller to Play the Game As Intended

In an interview with Eurogamer, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata promised the game will be the next evolution in the franchise. To complete this transformation, the game will come with a special one-button controller so gamers can play the game as it was meant to be played. Citing that previous Final Fantasy games were too “overwhelming” and that Final Fantasy XV will be “simplified” by comparison, Tabata has a strong vision for the direction of the game. With a car that drives itself and game design that caters to western audiences, this new one-button controller is the perfect addition for the typical gamer. (Satire)

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Snookies122555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Okay, this made me laugh... Still though, just because it has single button combat, doesn't mean the combat system will lack depth. That's what people just aren't understanding. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was a 'single button combat system'. Yet the battles were so incredibly intense, and relied heavily on movement and strategy.

knifefight2555d ago

Birth by Sleep was "single button combat?" I remember one button being attack, one being my dodgeroll, another to jump, another cycling the through magic & specials, another to USE those specials, and others to change targets/lock on. o_O

I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but I'm trying to understand -- if what you say is true -- why that is the definition of "single button" when there are a lot more than one button involved, even when you remove camera rotation. I might be way behind on my gaming vocabulary here.

Snookies122555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

That's what I'm saying, people are accusing FFXV of being 'single button combat' when there's clearly an attack button, a roll button, some way to use magic, etc. This is why I'm annoyed with the people that just don't understand. The funny thing is, FF games have always been single button. You hit the attack option, and it happens.

knifefight2555d ago

Aaah, OK, I get you.
Thanks for explaining! :)

TheLyonKing2555d ago

All kingdom heart is one touch but like you said it's strategy. I would love to see someone beat sepiroth with just the attack button :)

Rainbowcookie2554d ago

They compare it to the gambit system so it can be quiet complex so lets wait and see what happens

Paprika2554d ago

Although funny lol, and satire. Please check my blog. I try to break down what we know of the battle system. And its far from casual or one button play.