CNET TV First look at the PS3

CNet gives a review of the PS3 and what consumers can expect.

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uxo224351d ago

Nice careful review/sales pitch for the PS3. Almost seemed like the guy was reading from a script. (Don't forget to say this, and don't mention this, etc.) But, Overall he does show some of the very nice features of the PS3

crystallakekiller4351d ago

interesting....ps3 is a great system,like xbox 360 is a great system,the difference is i really dont like sony,they are arrogant,think they are god and overpromess and underdeliver all the time!but now they have real competition with microsoft,not like sega!in the end,we, the gamers will benefit from all this!this

videl4350d ago

but ms is not arrogant you moron ? come on, think about it!

EnforcerOfTheTruth4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Besides that MS isn't less arrogant, don't you have anything about getting screwed and betrayed? Screwed with ridiculously overpriced and $hitty peripherals? Screwed with a ridiculous 3 months warranty? Betrayed with a HD player which can be only used for a limited time? One is for sure, Sony ain't doing such things and they also don't kill their old console right after the next arrives.

uxo224351d ago

you say the HD-DVD format is being used for a limited time only. I'm sorry have you hear something about the winner of the High definition movie format or have you taken it upon yourself to solve it.

what accessory for the PS3 is cheaper than the same type of accessory for the Xbox360. I believe you on the PS3 warranty although I went to their website and could find anything on warranty for support for the PS3. Although I'm sure it's hidden somewhere on their confusing website.

It would be interesting to know (truthfully) how many of you Honestly play all of your old PSONE games, I know that there are some classics out there that people still play, but what percentage of your old PS1 games do you most of you guys honestly plan on playing on your PS3. 5, 10, 20 percent of them. I think it would be interesting to know what you guys think.

crystallakekiller4350d ago

well..talking about getting screwed...paying 600$ for a console is getting screwed,having a bad customer service like sony IS getting screwed,lying over and over just to be sure that sony fans dont buy an xbox360 over the overhyped ps3 IS getting screwed! all i'm saying is the ps3 is great but not like sony would like you to believe it!xbox360 and ps3 are at the same level,but this time around microsoft have better support than sony and the 360 is easier to develop for!and finally the big problem for sony is that microsoft have A LOT of money,so they wont back out like sega did!

videl4350d ago

screwed is when you pay 400$ for old crappy hardware, made buy a software corp. and paying 50 bucks each year for online. and buying a 20gb hd for 100$, and buying a hd-dvd player, which isnot for games for 200$. you know it, the ps3 is the far better deal!

uxo224348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

So what do you say to the person that never intended to buy the HD DVD player. Also are you currently using linux or are you using this website using an OS made by the software company you mentioned. I think getting screwed is when you totally commit yourself to a company that don't give a damn about you. (Both sony and MS is out for cash, money is their friend...NOT YOU!)

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NubreedLive4351d ago

that was a pleasant information video for the poeple that dont know much, shows you its built for the future... this is my system to buy... PS3 all the way!

UrbanJabroni4351d ago

"this is my system to buy"

Very non-confrontational. You think it is the best system for you, and that is way cool with me. Much nicer than "If you don't buy PS3/360 you are a moron", which is what I was going to write until I read your post. ;)

NubreedLive4351d ago

yeah, honestly i preffer sony over the other guys, for ME its like the best thing there is.... BUT, what mortal can resist GoW, and Mass Effect (that one made my jaw dropped because of the story and atmosphere) and who can forget the Wii, its nintendo for god's sake, Zelda!, Mario Galaxy/ies (drool) and many more..... save yourselves from posting "flamewar comments" and just play whatever system you love the most, they all are great...

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